Yeah...that looks safe....NOT.
This borrows pretty heavily on similar concepts that have come from japan over the last 10 years or so. The Suzuki pixy is one, the Toyota PM (http://i.imgur.com/3jxNeCE.jpg) is another one I found quickly but I can remember several others. I don't know who made this one (http://i.imgur.com/Td9v6B3.jpg) but there always seems to be a few at the Tokyo auto show each year.
I think a cooler concept is something like public transportation meets automated driving. The cars on tracks at some theme parts are an OK example: http://i.imgur.com/zWJPm6a.jpg
Instead of having the train/subway etc. stop at every stop on the way to where you are going, have a couple lanes so only the cars that need to stop exit. Cars can travel under provided power/automation while on the public track and drive under their own power after they are off the track.
The cars can be "routed" in a sense to their destination by computing technology that can re-route around congestion like they are packets on the Internet.
You could rent access to the vehicles and when you get to where you are going instead of finding a place to park you send it back to the network. Because automation it allows empty cars/cells to be sent the other way on the track to get more people, sort of like a ski lift.
Less automation technology than something like the Google car would be needed because the cars would follow (and communicate with) a track. You could pile the cars closer because if one vehicle must stop for an object in the path the cars behind it could be slowed/stopped at the same time rather than waiting for drivers to observe the cars in front had stopped after they look up from their phones etc.
This would be much cooler than the subway or mostly similar public transportation methods. Even if the containers/cars/cells etc. were not permitted to exit the track and drive on roads the smaller size would at least allow for closer smaller stations so you have less walking after you get where you are going or maybe prevent having to drive to the first station.
If there was ever a case of the kids drawings ending up in a fathers briefcase leading to a odd product, this is it.
Dave B13
ditto Slowburn, so well put. When something is being designed, it would be nice if somehow the design packs an advantage over existing products for a majority of users, or met a need for which 10 better ways are not already available.
Max Kennedy
Sidewalk mobility products aren't needed, we have them, they're called feet. We don't need sidewalks being taken over by motorized vehicles. We need road worthy vehicles to get us where we are going that don't use a lot of energy. These won't ever be more than a fad unless we go the route of the fat lazy slobs in Pixar's Wall-E.
This idea is far too ridiculous to actually make in anyone's market. I would be afraid to drive it because some other driver would want to hit it out simple sheer curiosity. Also any speed above an actual walking pace would make that ludicrous windshield behave like an airfoil. Wearing this and standing at all would be very unsafe, hard to control, and if, possible. look even more ridiculous than sitting in this accident invitation. The only minor merit is that the shell looks modestly durable enough to contain the spatter and lessen the clean up work for the emergency crews. Unless, that is, unless this bad idea cracks open on impact like Humpty Dumpty.
Clay Jones
One of the worst ideas I've seen. Pointless. Just walk and retain some dignity.
Jeff Vandervort
"There's no need to fear! Windshield man is here!!" crowd "Yea!"...
Hyundai should be ashamed to release something this ridiculous this even as a concept.
Leonard Foster Jr
i would feel safer on a skateboard