hyundai is still a piece of junk in my opinion, they have extremely low resale value.you can dress them up all you want,but you still have a inferior automobile compared to the german and Japanese and American brands.....
Perhaps you haven't checked out Hyundai in a while. I've always been a Japanese car proponent, but my wife now has a '12 Elantra and I have a '13 Sonata Turbo. We have had no issues whatsoever. The fit and function of both cars equals any Honda or Toyota I have ever had. And the 270 HP makes my Turbo a blast to drive. We keep cars for so long that resale is not a consideration, but perhaps one of reasons Hyundais have low resale value (if they do) is because of attitudes like yours. We're perfectly happy with ours. As an aside, did you really just put the German cars in the quality category as the Japanese? What are you smoking? VW consistently rates as one of the least reliable brands on the road, and BMW & Mercedes are not much better.
Please take my money!!!
Nice design, with a well-proportioned beltline and roof tumble-home. Yes, Hyundai is a long way from a quality reputation, but maybe someone at Ford will see this and build a stretched Mustang sedan!
Gawd! Hyundai will never be a luxury car. Maybe in Korea. Luxury brands are mostly German, Italian and British. Everything else- daily junk.
Except for the "seemly_the_design_THING" guppie-like grill, rather good-looking.
Just to make sure we're on the same page here: Are we talking your daily transport such as Sonata and Elantra or "LUXURY"? Cause your fancy "turbo" has nothing to do with luxury. VW btw translates into "car for ppl" - not the German I was referring to even with their "Luxury" Phaeton with 0 sales. I've yet to see a sane person with enough money to buy a Mercedes, who decides to save a buck and buys two "luxurious" Hyundais. Brands aren't judged by the quality of the build anymore, it' s a social status they provide.
I started liking Hyundai a couple years back when their designs started to show a bit of sex appeal and now with this coupe I have to say this is one totally sexy luxurious looking beast. IMO this is the best looking car on the road today period. Volvo are also starting to get some sexy solid looking wagons coming out too and I'd rate them as my 2nd favourite before Bently, Audi, BMW an Mercedes.
Nice looking car, but as others have stated the physical thing doesn't make the brand. Call me culturalist (if that's a thing) but I've noticed amongst Singaporean and Hong Kongian drivers the notion that Mercedes is "the car to have" to the point that you could drive a rusty beat up old Merc and still be considered to have a classy car. So how does Hyundai plan to combat that sort of attitude? Design and quality might be a start but not an end. It's the same reason no one has bothered to mass produce a car that looks like a Ferrari but costs like a ... well ... Hyundai. No one would believe it.
At last, an Asian car that doesn't look like it was made from a couple of old yoghurt pots and a sheet of PVC. It's managed to avoid the old Asian trick of listing everything the car has got on the bootlid too! The only thing that looks a bit tut is the steering wheel and the climate control. They look a bit cheap and nasty. However, the rest looks great. What a shame it's only a concept because it brings Asian cars up to the level of European cars in terms of design. Now, if only the Yanks can join in we won't all have our eyes assaulted on a daily basis by God awful looking cars on our roads! If it is built, it will struggle to compete with Mercedes and BMW. Look at Lexus, I was in one the other day and it was truly awful in comparison to a Merc. It still felt like a Toyota and wasn't at all special feeling. No-one with a brain is going to fork out £60k plus for a car from a manufacturer that gave us 1970s British Leyland Tech in the 1990s. Their best approach is to either sell it in the bargain basement where Hyundai as a brand belongs, or, completely divorce itself from Hyundai with a totally separate brand and get Europeans in to run it.