I can't wait 10 years. Get more government money in this. In 10 years Diesel will cost £15 a litre and I'll have left my job to join the unemployed as it won't be worth working.
I'll bet they start loosing capacity faster as dirt clogs the air channels.
Recharging these batteries could bring dangers. Any significant increased concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere (e.g. in the vicinity of a charging battery) can create a local inflammability issue where spontaneous combustion can occur. Hence one of the major challenges in this research is likely to be finding a safe way to recharge the batteries.
Ross Jenkins
Ah you gotta give it to them, that pure class. I can wait 10 years for this, easy. For a company with a shady history like IBM's they sure are coming through for us with this one!
one has to love these time estimates. A lot can happen in 10 years. XKCD seems to nail it fine here:
And why not super eficiented Volt/Ampera-like cars, lighter and more aerodynamics ? Except if on that time (2030 ?) the lithium oxygen batteries are very very much cheap light robust safe sustainable etc...
Dave Andrews
Why is it that Tesla has two vehicles (a 2 door roadster and a 4 door luxury vehicle) with an SUV on the way which ALL get over 200 miles on a charge and everyone else has a hard time breaking 100??? What is it that they're doing right and no one else is copying? 500 miles would be great, but 200 to 250 is already feasible and being actively used. Why isn't everyone doing it?
Michael Slattery
Cold Fusion will displace most if not all of these technologies in the next 18 to 36 months. and
I'll be an old man (or dead) by the time I see one in a car.
Pat Kelley
The one challenge not being met with any EV is a practical recharge time. I can "recharge" my gasoline vehicle in five minutes and get back on the road for a long trip. A 500 mile range means I have to stop overnight (assuming I'm allowed to recharge my EV where I stop), or for at least 2-4 hours, before resuming my trip. I'd bet you can forget the economy of electric once establishments install rapid recharge systems and hit you with the recharge fee. A good serial hybrid will be much more practical, allowing recharge as you travel, and high mileage. Maybe in the distant future we'll see electric highways, with power supplied by induction, so the vehicle batteries will only need to be used for short distances, but we're a long way from that.