What is IBM\'s track record with these annual predictions?
Dave B13
Star Treck TV series writers came up with \"citizen scientists\" idea first. They were known as \"Borg\". aka \"The Collective\". Beam me up 7 of 9.
The quicker the better for the battery technology. Anything that stops the useless out of date mode of central energy production (like power stations) has my vote. Where have all the news items gone about micro power generators we can all have in our own back yards? Kill oil, bring on real energy solutions!
James Dugan
I don\'t see anything that\'s going to kill oil. Nothing on this list is energy-dense enough to power a car. Communication and data transfer improvements will change our lives a bit, nothing earth-shattering though.
Wasn't it IBM who said they could see no use for a personal computer? "I think there is a world market for about five computers" Remark attributed to Thomas J. Watson (Chairman of the Board of International Business Machines), 1943.
Here is my 1 1/2 cent: 3D Telepresence? Nice idea, but like the video phone I do not see it becoming a huge thing. Do we really need more than Skype? Low Power/No Power Storage. Please. The more efficient technology becomes the more we will demand of it. There is always a trade off between processing power and energy storage. We may be able to get to the point of having watches without batteries, but I-Phones? They are wrong on this one. At least for the next five years..... \"Citizen Scientist\". Already happening with the World Community Grid. Of course here they are talking about portable units. If they can use existing hardware in smartphones to collect data it could be a moment. But they still have to get people to download the software voluntarily. Due to this I am not sure how big a moment this will be. People are welcoming more security aware. Customized Commutes. We are almost there already with some navigation software. As more people embrace navigation and put it on their smartphones the software will only get better. I think they are right on this one. Harvesting Computer Heat. I think this will become common and save a great deal of energy. With that said, if your company harvested computer heat to save energy; would that \"change how you work, live and play\"? Not really..... I am not saying any of these are bad ideas. Just saying I am doubtful most of them will live up to their expectations..... -Tech Dennis www.PrometheusGoneWild.com
Facebook User
Building heating computers. That was seen as a nuisance back in the days of vacuum tubes! Now IBM thinks it will be an \"innovation\". Anyone else remember the IBM television advertisement with sweating office workers amazed their IBM computers are still working even though their building\'s air conditioner has failed? A dual CPU G5 Power Macintosh by itself will take the chill off a small room. That\'s one of the reasons Apple switched to Intel CPUs, IBM/Motorola/Freescale could not scale up the speed of the PowerPC design any more without requiring industrial strength cooling systems. Can\'t keep your computers cooler than your competition? Sell the excess waste heat as a \"feature\"!
Charles Bosse
Actually, I see the \"citizen scientist\" (or at least citizen data collector) part of this taking off, as long as the phones find a way of collecting data without biasing the data set, and of keeping measurement and measurement accuracy consistent enough to be usable. Even the security conscious will probably be more at ease with sending computer agglomerated anonymous data than they would be with a normal internet search. What remains is for (trained) scientists to set up good data collection applications. I am doubtful that commutes will get better until we have another oil crisis. The simple fact is that we have more cars on a road system that is, in most cases, designed on ideas that are dozens of years out of date. While the idea that GPS advances might fix this is good, there are plenty of people with a strong enough understanding of alternate routes that you can already see how ineffectual this type of program would really be, and further this does almost nothing to alleviate true causes of congestion: single occupant vehicles (not single occupancy, which are lighter and take up less space) that form the bulk of the viscous fluid that is lovingly called \"traffic jam\" have already \"spread to fill their container\" and trailered vehicles, which create traffic whirlpools due to slower speeds and reduced visibility will continue to use roads during high volume traffic times unless economy and policy move to disincentivise this behavior. My experience is that municipalities have neither the money, the inclination, or the ability to agree on a solution that is necessary to fix any but the most pressing traffic problems, and until either that changes or people simply learn to rely on road systems less, there will be traffic.
Michael Mantion
Since no one reads the long post... The only one that may come to life in 5 years is the water cooled computer.. OH WAIT we\'ve been doing that for decades.. Personally I doubt that the energy from those chips will significantly impact the world. I could be wrong, there is a first time for everything..
Anumakonda Jagadeesh
IBM is giant among giants in Inventions and Innovations. Well keep it up. Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India