Presumably, there will only be five of these machines for the whole world.
Great stuff. Pretty exciting that quantum computing is well on its way to being a reality.
S Michael
What will it benefit the common man. This looks like a big toy for the universities to complicate their navel.
I find this stuff terrifying, frankly.
SkyNet is apparently on track to being built.
Paul Karaffa
I could see a future where these are used by companies to seek data and export that to users in the cloud. For instance, a user at home makes a request which is very complex and is sent to a quantum computer, which outputs and sends back to the user. Fundamentally, this could create much faster systems. Getting these into homes is a whole other issue, as the cost and sensitivities are high for such systems.
Well if this leads to the betterment of the human condition , it will be a great leap forward , but if it will be limited for commercial efficiency or used as number cruncher for meaningless endeavors , then it will be just another hi-tech toy. Preservation of the planet and the field of medicine should be the priorities . [ should be ]
Computers are on the way to discovering God.
Kevin Cloete
Hopefully we can use this technology to improve our understanding of the universe.
You cannot predict the future fundamental discoveries. IBM has already proven that any molecule is a quantum computer, if you can control each spin of the atoms of the molecule. A quantum computer calculates in parallel on all the different micro-worlds in number equal to 2 to power the number of quantum-bits. 512 quantum-bits simulates 10 to power 153 paralllel systems. If possible, it is more than the number of atoms in the universe, proving that the quantum microscopic reality is more complex than all our macroscopic universe, and as noted by Deutsch, it proves nearly that there is many parallel unseen multiverses, different versions of our universe.