Looks like one of those steel multitool cards you can get for dollar, would a couple of holes to make it part of the stove frame.
John Reynolds
Maybe I am being "over-picky", but I can see four sides to the unit PLUS a top griddle. That makes 5 panels not 4!
I think multi-tools reduce what a camper has to bring with them. I think this a neat item for campers.
It appears to actually have 6 panels. Four sides, a top and a bottom.
Don Duncan
Researching the rocket stove I learned it gets its efficient burn from the draft. A fan is only needed in the first minutes. Once the draft is established the fan is redundant. I conclude the fan to be a waste of resources on the Biolite. A billows would work to keep the smoke at a minimum in the first two minutes, but why bother?
Is it really so hard to get a pic of the stove with an actual fire in it? It would seem to me that it's more complicated to rig the bright lights, the fan and the gauzy material to simulate a fire than to just gather some kindling and a match. :roll eyes:
Yes, but I think the photo was taken at an _indoor_ exhibition (of Outdoor Retailer stock), where it would be impractical / dangerous to have a real fire constantly burning, no?
June Blair
Looks like 4 panels to me, 2 of those square looking things put together, 1 tool panel, 1. griddle. looks like it could get real hot.
Rowan Brown
don, i have a biolite, and no offense, but youre wrong. it is a small, extremely efficient, fan-forced furnace, and with the fan off it burns significantly cooler and leaves a lot more coals.
The unit is too small to burn wood, this a novelty item.