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Didn't Elon put a timescale in place whereby if it was broken, he'd have to pay a substantial financial penalty? I may be wrong (usually am, but proud of the clever people around me) but this sticks in my mind for some reason. Can anybody enlighten?
I'm hoping that his boring machines work so they can build tunnels in places like Colorado which on weekends has stop and go traffic on mountain passes.
The underlying concept of hyperloop was nothing new when Musk proposed it. And it gained traction just because, a famous "virtual" billionaire proposed it. Now, that such billionaire is entering the business in first person, he will suck up all the venture capitals out there, leaving the others in the cold (not that they were anything more than delusional people or fraudsters).
1) If Elon Musk is a bubble like many cases or innovators/startups we have already wtinessed throughout the years, then what ? 2) Remember, that reaching 1000km/h is not just roughly three times more difficult than reaching 300km/m. It is much more and the money will be drained extremely easy. Of course the classic solution is to place in debt the public for making richer and more famous private companies. 3) Last but not least I see no real innovation in this endeavor: Japan has reached much higher speeds using magnetic levitation on real trains not capsules. 4) Capsules ? Does this mean again that only the rich will be able to profit from this technology ?
Sorry, but the idea has been around much, much, MUCH longer than since 2013. I can't recall which Sci-Fi writer came up with the idea in fiction, but rest assured it's at least 40 years old.
I think "Magnetron" was referring to the Big Battery he is building in Sth. Australia where he said he will build it in 100 days or it's free.
Thanks for clarifying, Eddy. Elon is indeed a busy boy. I wish him well.
Digging 328km pressurized straight line ??? Genius or Crook ?