That is one brilliantly clever design (if if it looks pretty lethal: hit a tiny pebble on that thing and you'd go flying). Really impressive in a terrifying sort of way.
Richard Guy
Very interesting. Will be illegal in the UK for use on the public highway because bikes here have to have pedals (and it wouldn't pass the road worthiness tests for mopeds) but is a very clever design. Will be interested to hear how it rides
Darin Selby
This thing looks like it could fall apart on the first bump it goes over!
Larry English
the battery specs sound like about 3 miles of riding, may as well walk
plus the tiny wheels are unsafe for hitting bumps or rocks
Does it go uphill?
Jason McNeil
Clever design & keeping it under 5kg is pretty remarkable too. One has to wonder through, how those small wheels can cope with irregularities of the riding surface.
Ten 18650 cells is less than 100Wh, pretty much nothing! The Electric Unicycle market, like WheelGo, has products which are proven & available today.
With my ultra high density bone structure and weighing in at 105 Kg i guess I am not a candidate ! Funny thing is at 85 Kg I actually look thin!
It needs tweezers, scissors and a knife blade to be taken seriously as a gadget.
another folding mini bike. omg!
reinventing the wheel....because it's fun!
This is so clever.The trick was to remove the pedals, less is more. A true folding ebike. Bravo guys !