Todd Dunning
A phenomenal idea, and I eagerly wait his adaptation of this tech to roadmaking.
I want some tests to see how it performs in the real world before using it to carry hazardous material.
Calvin k
hopefully it'll be cost competitive. often we have better solutions not being implemented because it's more expensive.
If he put a very thin Archimedes screw on the mandrel he could just let it spin it slowly instead of sliding it down the mandrel, but it's a fantastic idea
No mention of the time needed to fabricate the pipe as it's a mutlilayer epoxy system that needs drying time before you slip it off the mandrel.
Probably a good idea to start looking at adding a type of flexible joint into the continous process. Then you can just switch on the machine and start driving. ;-)
Hahn Jackson
i think this would solve the need for expansion joints too
re; Calvin k
Cost is part of the equation in deciding what is the better solution.
If you lay some S-curves into the pipe line and the pipe is as flexible as high strength steel you shouldn't need Expansion joints and it would be less likely to develop leaks. But the choice probably comes down to which costs less the additional pipe, or the additional labor and expansion joint.
Green Guru Forever
Space Elevator! (with smooth shaft for best & vibration-minimized acceleration)...