Trivial as it may sound to many, about 18% of Australians are Vegan/Vegetarian. I would NEVER buy a seat that has cost lives and that will continue to cost the lives of sentient beings.
Lim. You obviously aren't the target demographic for this "superior" product then. You may wait inline for your fossil fuel inspired synthetic version. If the choice is fossil resource depletion or a little bloodsh3d. take your pick....
I wonder if the seat is just designed for men, with different shaped pelvises?
Great saddle in a wonderful leather (I've just had the seats in my Alfa Romeo re-upholstered with new amounts of beautiful leather), but the prizing is insane !
Looks easily copied. How long before there's a $20 version?
Douglas Bennett Rogers
The construction is very similar to a $20 Walmart saddle. If it's as good as it looks, you should see it there in a year or two.
Apart from being covered in leather which is off putting for many people, I was finding this quite interesting until it came to the price! They are living in cloud cuckoo land charging so much for it, it can only remain as a small scale boutique product with limited sales potential. Get rid of the leather and sell it for well under $100 and they might be on to a winner ...
Jay Gatto
Up is now down. So funny.
Had a painful thought about this seat while riding on the weekend: Will male riders need to wear tight shorts to stop the possibility of testicles becoming trapped in the opening or on the middle spike, potentially becoming distended or ripped off in an accident?
anthony88, I had the same thought, this is a dangerous good.