Michael Mantion
I normally hate anything concept because they are normally overdone, and never get put into production. I think this one is over done, the styling is trying to hard. Like a 120lb freshman walking down the hallway in a small tee shirt sucking in his gut and sticking out his chest. That said when I wrestled we had a lot of tough 119 pounders, they were humble and never tried to make them self seem bigger then they are.
When I look at this bike, I wonder, how awesome it would be if it wasn\'t sticking out its chest. This could be so awesome if they just used simple tubing, simple handlebars. A lot of those angles and ridges are really just extra weight . I know some of the pieces are needed for support but most are just silly.
That said if they made this exact bike, I would still be happy. I don\'t know if it would be superior to current designs but we won\'t know until someone makes it.
Isaiah Murray
first problem , how can you reach the handlebars (or pedals) with the seat that far back?
WOW ! Please post price and ordering information when you get it - I WOULD buy this in a minute !
A great designed toy need to be simplify and practical in order to sell. This one seem pretty simple but I didn\'t see any practical feeling it will give it to me. I wonder how heavy is this sucker to ride around?
Having the smartphone dock is a good idea, but would need to be adjustable and have different connectors to cater for all the different phones that are available. The old apple iphone is now down to 4th place on the list so only providing for this would be extremely short-sighted.
Charles Slavens
Beautiful to behold, but I noticed they elected to obfuscate many of impracticle features and the design flaws with black paint, dramatic lighting and a black background.
first of all: sorry for this comment, my mom always told me to keep quiet if I didn\'t have anything nice to say, but..

Damn it\'s ugly! it looks like a prop for a C-grade sci-fi movie..

I work with CAD software (computeraideddesign..) all day as an engineer, but I can\'t help sometimes hating it for giving people the opportunity to make these kind of \"concepts\".
head-in-the-clouds concepts were NO thoughts on production or functional use have been made.
What is the point of this bike?? what can it do better than the one I have standing in my basement? pointless..

and don\'t get me started on the hubless wheels, again: the point is??
More complex (never good on a bike), no doubt several times as heavy as a conventional wheel, and last but not least: the friction is goanna be a (concept) killer, how about coasting to a stop from 30km/h in 5 meters??
yeah hubless wheels look really cool, but I can\'t mention ONE positive functional payoff, just a lot of drawbacks!

If these two guys came in to my prototype shop and asked me the make a one of these I would kick them out laughing!
again: what is the point of this concept??

More mechanical engineers, fewer \"designers\" please
Keith Reeder
The more I look at this thing, the more I\'m reminded of a \"normal\" bike that\'s hit something really solid and bent the top tube...
I think this wheel design will be heavy if it is made to be stable. I also think it will be very suseptiple to dirt and puddles or rain, so it is not a practical design.
\"Designers\" again. This thing doesn\'t have a ghost of a chance making it off the 3D rendering computer. The structure is an engineer\'s nightmare, inefficient and impossible to fabricate. There\'s no standover clearance whatsoever. Basically the daydream of a couple of people who don\'t don\'t ride bicycles.