Pmb Denton
Alternatively get yourself a pair of Pivothead SMART glasses instead, not stupidly priced and you wont stand out as a Cyborg attracting funny glances :D
Anne Ominous
You seem to have forgotten one of the more obvious "pitfalls":
Will that future be very bright if it is directly tied to a corporation that blew off its "Do no evil" slogan many years ago?
My guess would be no.
I already wear prescription glasses and adding these things on top of that? NOPE. I already asked my ophthalmologist about these devices and they weren't exactly sure about the long term effects to one's eyesight.
I've read some ophthalmologist suggest that there isn't enough long term testing to see what their effects are and that people should not wear something unless it's prescribed or that it's a form of protection like sunglasses or protective glasses and that since only one eye has the video display, that it might be cause for concern.
I think there will always be some that might think these things are cool, but I think they are more of a fad product that's getting attention because it's novelty aspects of what it offers, but someone to actually use these things might become obtrusive since some public places have already and will continue to ban them, so one has to constantly take them off and be able to store them, which just seems like a hassle.
Bottom line, I won't buy them regardless of the price.
If this could be a subtle add on to an existing pair of glasses or sunlgasses (key word being SUBTLE) I can see the public accepting it better, as far as the tech goes I think it's awesome and futuristic. Like any new tech though the third or fourth generation will probably be where price meets demand on a large scale, and the cool factor will peak.
Baby steps into a Brave New World...
It's only a matter of time before someone who doesn't want you filming them puts that evil bit of glass right through your eyeball.
Mark my words - this privacy invasion is so bad, when the campaign to slug idiots using this gets off, there's going to be a ton of half-blind geeks out there before the world realizes how dumb that idea was.
I think the current version of Google Glass should be thought of in the same way as the old "brick" cellular phones. Although they may seem clunky at the moment, they're just the first step in a long process of refinement.
I don't think they're just a gimmick, I think some variant of this technology is going to be here for the long haul.
" I could have done that whether I was driving (while still paying attention to the road, of course)"
actually, i don't think you could - there's already been a person ticketed in usa for wearing them driving; this is as dangerous as having to interact with a smartphone while in control (+/-) of a vehicle
Jessica Johnson
Google glass is cool and all, and Google is definitely getting some awesome technology, but glasses as a smart device is just too difficult and strange. Smartwatches are the wearable tech of the future.
Nicolas Connault
Your analogy with Neil Armstrong is quite fitting. He probably did feel like taking a giant step for mankind, moving our species into the future. But we're not quite the moon-walking, space-faring race he envisioned, are we? When did we walk on the moon last, remind me?
Whatever he envisioned, he was wrong. Whatever you envision while you wear this gadget, you're almost certainly wrong. Should we get excited about any vision that is almost certainly inaccurate?