About the dumbest piece of design I ever saw.
I hope they don't grant that thing permission to use the roads.
I can't imagine how stupid one would have to be to think that facing outwards when going around a corner was a good idea.
Let alone spend money building it.
Looks like visibility while turning would be a complete nightmare, you'd need to crane your head around. Hate to think what motion sickness it would also cause. Reminds me of the Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses...
Marco Gonzalez
The looks are not original. Somehow it reminds me the trucks on the TV series "Highwayman". I would not worry too much about corners. Being a drive-by-wire i think there would be plenty of cameras to avoid any blindspots
Colani has always been an "artiste" first and foremost. Attention-grabbing looks are his stock in trade. Functionality is not high on his list of priorities. This particular design is clearly his homage to the Concorde, and that aircraft had more than its fair share of practical shortcomings.
Michael Mantion
of all the concepts I have seen on Gizmag this is by far the best. Normally I think concept vehicles are complete waste of money, but this is pretty good.
I have said many times that truck are not aerodynamic. I remember seeings similar design on a tv show many years ago. If they start making this it will change the trucking industry for ever.
It looks like something that came out of or used in a scifi movie. I don't think it would be practical for driving on roads; maybe if it is just highways turnpikes.
'The Homer' car at last has a truck equivalent.
Mmmmmm. Pointy....
Mr Stiffy
That would have to be one of the nicest looking trucks I have ever seen.
Slightly overdone in the aerodynamics dept but very good none the less.
As my good friend Carol Shelby once noted about the supersonic aircraft style ducting and body work on the Formula One cars.... "The F1 cars operate in the same speed range as a DC3. We need the guy who designed the DC3 to do the aerodynamics of the F1 cars, not the people who designed the super sonic jet fighters."
It's quite nice in it's own way but if you try to drive that into some of the truck loading bays with steep entrances and exits, the nose will hit the front tractor.
So in some respects, it's not bad, but it's also a bit dumb from the practical vehicle point of view. The designer is in love with the flowing lines, not the practical realities of driving trucks.
Dirk Scott
Oh dear, has not Prof. Luigi Colani noticed that almost the entire transport of the world is now CONTAINERISED. Ports, loading bays, storage, refrigeration, ships, cranes... all are designed around the standard shipping container. Its the reason why trucks are the shape they are, because it is more important that streamlining and offers greater financial return .
Dirk Scott
Actually it looks like Concorde without the wings, and is probably about as practical!