This is not a nice thing. I would think that most people would go mad, living there. It would be interesting to note what happens to anyone who lives there for some time.
I love how everything needs to be "World's somethingest", with no regard whatsoever to eons of history, anyplace in the third world, or generally anyplace other than whatever country is making the claim. A billion people live in slums. Now put your hand on your heart and tell me that none of them have a narrower house than this guy.
Reminds me of Monty Python - (Four Yorkshiremen )
David Tobin
Does not look like a good utilisation of space in terms of the ratio between volume of living areas against volume of access areas. And I'll bet as a result the cost per square foot of living area is disastrous. So what is the point of the structure?
Am I allowed three comments at one go?
Image 14 of 21: Is that a plan of the house (rather model, in case Etgar gets lost!) above the electric strip? And what is the gadget with a screen? a thermostat?
Good jobe he's alone, kids would get bored playing in a straight line all the time!
Was one of the conditions of the project that the house shouldn't touch either of the adjacent buildings? I'm sure they could get 20cm more width by using the original walls as a support.
I can easily imagine myself going mad in this place. That said, it would make an excellent spaghetti warehouse.
Bob Fately
@agulesin, I get the feeling one of the conditions of the house was that it had to be prefabricated off site and then installed - that's why it didn't make use of the existing adjacent buildings' walls (plus whatever legalities would be involved - brick falls and does damage, does he sue the neighbor building owner?)
Certainly this is a lifestyle that would promote celibacy.
On the other hand, as a place to stuff your mother-in-law...
Joe Sobotka
I would go mad living there. Seriously.
Jennifer Jarratt
Thanks for all the pictures of this curious space. Not really a "house." Makes me think of Edgar Allan Poe, for some reason.
Ruth Vallejos
MC Escher? I remember doing a mental design exercise of using stacked insulated railroad box cars for a house... a lot of space is devoted to vertical circulation and lateral structure (being in the Bay Area). While possible, I don't think I'd like to live there - especially now that I'm married!
Dox Doxiadis
This makes living in an RV or train look positively spacious.