Anoniem Bly
I am so tired of the following statement: "But again, those devices still have inferior tablet app libraries." it seems all reviewers copies that statement from each other. I have both the iPad and the Google Nexus 7 and I find the apps for the Nexus just as good as the apps for the iPad. In fact I find more useful apps for the Nexus than for the iPad to the point where the iPad has now been relegated to a toy my kids use to play games on.
I was a little surprised by that picture you used to show it's really a one hand device. For obvious reasons you showed it from the BACK. Have you forgotten that this device has a TOUCH screen and when you would be holding like this all hell would break lose on the screen. Looking forward to seeing it compared to the Android devices that are on the market already...
Just because Apple has a large app store is not a good enough reason to buy an Apple product. For once I wish that the app stores could be rated based on quality not just quantity. Other companies are catching up fast with their app stores so the playing field for the tablet market. Also, the iPad Air is not a computer when it comes to capabilities, it is another consumer product for internet access and media consumption. The Microsoft Surface Pro (2) is a computer hands down, may not be as light but it has the ability to run apps and full applications, as well as consume media.
Bernie Koppenhofer
The only thing my Nexus 7 does not have at $229 delivered is the Apple apps, and I just do not miss them.
Dale Sherritt
Not saying anything but if your looking for high end pictures why are you going to use your smartphone? Why not use one of those camera thingy's?
Inappropriate Response
@Anoniem Bly
When the VP of andriod product management says that android tablet apps aren't up to the quality of apple apps, there must be something in it right ? I mean surely he must know what he's talking about wouldn't you think ? Or is he just copying what all the reviews as well ?
The quality of the comments on this site have nosedived recently. You can't get through a single apple review without butthurt comments at the bottom of it. Have you ever wondered why the same butthurt comments aren't at the bottom of other reviews ? I mean really , what is with the mentally of you people.?
Ugh. This article brings out some of my pet peeves about the iPad in general and about the new Ais model (Ipad 5).
first, when comparing how much they've been able to drop version-to-version, comparing phones and tablets is truly apples to oranges. The reason they can't drop as much weight from the phones is because they're smaller. They're packed in very tightly into a very small package, so dropping overall weight from a device that's 6 or 8 times larger is much, much easier. You can change the internals, but with something the size of a phone, you can only reduce so much packaging, which is where the bulk of the weight is with the phone.
I really, really HATE the term "retina display." It's an idiotic term, like the many other idiotic terms Apple comes up with for people who can't think for themselves. "Ooooh! It's a RETINA display. It must be really, really great!" No... It's not. Their display doesn't even come close to the best out there. This is even more true with the phones.
The new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 absolutely shatters the Air's pixel resolution. "Retina display" is just another rip off marketing ploy by Apple to make their products seem better when they're not, just by coming up with yet another worthless term that simply sounds cool. This is Apple 101.
Apple's one and only real value is that they tend to create a new market. It's never long before many, many others, like Amazon and Samsung pass them up.
Lewis M. Dickens III
Wowser!, Woah! and Whoof!
Never thought I'd see Will ever Praising an Apple Product, thought that he was stuck on Korean plastic stuff.
But it looks like Steve took Werner's teachings to heart and cloned himself perfectly, superbly.
Only thing missing is a great calendar.
Apple stubbornly refuses to add a memory card slot to the iPad, forcing one to make an up-front decision on storage capacity and be stuck with it for the duration. At a time when you can buy a SanDisk 32 GB microSD card for $25, this policy by Apple demonstrates their arrogant disregard and even contempt for their own customers.
Anoniem Bly
@Inappropriate Response
LOL, so since I do not agree with the fact that the apps for android tablets are inferior to the apps for the iPad I am suddenly "butthurt". I do not care what the "VP of andriod product management" says, my experience is different.
Every time somebody points out the obvious flaw in these kinds of reviews then the iSheep go all bleeting about the "butthurt" android comments.