I hate fan-boy articles (irrespective of which side you are on). You just make yourself look ill informed by suggesting that the fact the 8" Samsung came out after the ipad mini means samsung copied the mini. Samsung have been making their "note" tablet range in every size under the sun for years. Apple appears to have only gotten interested in the medium sizes because they were proving to be popular. This "they copied me" playground scuffle is tiresome and unhealthy for the industry. Articles with open paragraphs like this only fuel the childish rivalry. They're both unoriginal designs, but equally they both are perfectly capable marvels of modern technology, so pick the one you like for its function/style and lets all get past the tribalism.
Rann Xeroxx
"If Samsung wants to convince the world that it isn't an Apple copycat, the Galaxy Note 8.0 isn’t its best argument."
Copycat? Why would you even say that? The only people who think they are would be Apple and iFanboys. And th iPad Mini is clearly a response to the 7" tablet market. How can Samsung copy Apple copying everyone else?
When measuring the size (display) on these two devices, you should have measured the screen size too (height, width). I'm not an Apple fan at all but would prefer a 4:3 aspect ratio on tablets (and screens) greater than 7". So this measurement should be included as part of the "tale of the tape". comparison.
Fahrenheit 451
I'll take the Samsung. Love the Wacom stylus (own and love Wacom products in general) owed to its screen precision. Like the 8's edge better as the thin edge Apple is now using its products to give the illusion of thinness does not feel good in my hands. In general Samsung's specs are beating Apple's on a variety of products.
Paul van Dinther
I am not sure how a tablet maker could avoid creating a rectangular form factor for a rectangular touch screen. If that marks one a copycat then you would have to concede that Apple has the sole rights to the rectangle shape.
Da Harder
How Utterly Ridiculous all these claims of Samsung 'copying' Apple into the (near) 8 inch tablet space - Especially since Samsung Created It.
I've owned my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 for almost 1.5 years now, and know (sans nonsensical fanatical posturing) that my Apple iPad Mini is within small fractions in every, single dimension e.g. height, weight, thickness and screen size.
It would not be unreasonable to deduce that Apple may have used the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 as some sort of benchmark/template for the design of the iPad Mini.
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7: 196.7 mm H, 133.0 mm W, 7.9 mm D , Weight 340g
- Apple iPad Mini: 200mm H, 134.7mm W, 7.2 mm D, Weight Wi-Fi: 308g, Wi-Fi + Cellular: 312g
01) The Galaxy Tab 7.7's display is noticeably brighter, more vivid and of a higher resolution than my iPad Mini.
02) In several reviews (in addition to my own ownership experience) both devices typical battery autonomy is within minutes of the other.
03) The Galaxy Tab 7.7 has featured LTE for some 1.2 years whereas Apple has only used LTE in their devices in the last 6 months.
Anyway... They're both excellent (near) 8 inch, aluminum-cased tablets, but it is undeniable that Samsung was the first major manufacturer to enter the (near) 8 inch tablet market (more than a year before Apple), as well as the first to introduce a 7 inch tablet device capable of also making (conventional) cellular telephone calls e.g. the original Samsung Galaxy Tab on 2 September 2010.
So... If anything the iPad Mini was created as Apple's answer to Samsung Galaxy Tab series of tablets.
Who created the 8" tablet first, Apple or Samsung? Oh yeah, that's right, Samsung. In fact, almost every tablet maker made one before Apple did. So, by Apple's (and California's) estimation, Google, Samsung, Amazon, B&N, Acer, ASUS, Sony, and a whole host of others have pretty good grounds to sue Apple.
Gizmag, you are way too biased towards Apple. Any comparison I've read on this site always leans towards Apple.
John Parkes
Copy away...it's good for consumers when mfg's compete and need to price to be competitive. It's the lawsuits that are the problem, the legal fee's are added to the purchase price, that said no one can patent a size...
Lewis M. Dickens III
It sure doesn't read that way to me.
But you have to admit that Steve pulled some interesting moves.
He invited the world to create wonderful apps and do the programming based upon people's interests and ended up with some magnificent Apps to offer and beat the pants off of everyone else when it comes to broad functionality.
in 40 years the Koreans have taken off like crazy with all kinds of very good products. In fact it looks like they have beaten the Japanese by recognizing that the US was one huge market. You have to give them credit and when you look at that night map of the earth and see that Pyongyang is the only faint spot in N. Korea it sure speaks well for our foreign policy, and for all those years of US Military help. Now it's costing us both ways. The Koreans are beautiful people with great taste and lots of ambition when it is allowed to flourish.