I\'m still not sure who this is for even after reading that section. It\'s too big for mobile use, and for anything else you\'ve got cheaper notebooks/netbooks/tablets. Why spend more money to get something that only has a smartphone OS and is locked down (that goes for Android devices as well)? I\'m saying this as a Windows user - you could put a copy of Linux on a tablet or convertable netbook and get much more functionality (without having to pay $4.99 for an RSS feed reader).
Get a grip. The closest...Yound Lady\'s Illustrated Primer?
Andrew Wigin
As far as I can see the really amazing thing here is that you are recommending to people to spend $5 on an RSS reader, $13 on the chart of elements that\'s available, like- everywhere! and more money on software so basic which we\'ve gotten used to downloading as freeware for over a decade now. According to this one would have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the functionality currently available for free on the other platforms. This stuff ads up. What\'s really amazing is that besides a shiny screen (a fragile heavy one) and smooth animations there\'s nothing to this but brag rights. And to think that Apple is taking a 30% cut out of every piece of code sold to the buyer... unbelievable. Apple just shows how dumb people can get, proving Einstein\'s assumptions and then some.
Tim Hanlon
Alcalde & Andrew - There are free RSS readers (and other utilities) available if you\'re averse to spending money on better quality software. I spend substantial portions of my day reading feeds, so I\'m not... The Elements book is far more than a periodic table - and the non-interactive dead tree version is more than twice the price. TouchOSC goes a long way to replicating a $2,000 piece of boutique hardware. Regardless, the iPad is clearly not for you (and that\'s alright!)
Gary Fisher
\"... a 2.5 year-old using an iPad says it all.\" That\'s an understatement! Except for the cost and fragility, it\'s hard to imagine a product more ideally suited to the under-5 demographic.
Mary Panjari
Nice SF references Tim. So do I want an iPad? I think so.
I wouldn\'t spend so much for a device so fragile or locked down... which essentially precludes me from shopping Apple products at all. Also, if you can\'t play WoW on it, it is virtually useless to me.
Dan Schafer
I think it looks good! I\'m waiting for the next gen! It is really hard to beat the price...%)
Ahhh. The haters. Well, no one says any of the haters have to buy one. Leaves all the more for those who want one. It\'s a consumption device. It\'s not a toy. It\'s not a big iPod Touch. I\'m no fanboy, but I know something unique when I see it.
Here\'s a complaint that someone forgot:
The iPad does not have a floppy drive. AND, heaven forbid, it doesn\'t come with a mouse!
Imagine that.
Touch an iPad. Touch one and touch the future.
Edgar Walkowsky
The article forgot to mention the lack of multi-tasking, that is a huge disadvantage.