I'd like to see a tablet that allows me to download my existing software onto it. But maybe that's just the difference between a tablet and a laptop.
Vince Pack
Milton, that's the Surface Pro. It's a full Windows machine in a tablet format. I have both the Surface Pro and iPad Mini Retina, and they are different animals. I have to say, I use the iPad considerably more. Now with LightRoom Mobile and Photoshop Touch (although there's a bug that disables using Adobe's Creative Cloud), I'm using the Windows machine even less than before.
Having the USB 3.0 port allows connecting the Pro to a USB 3 docking station such as the Targus ACP70CA. This allows connection of a regular keyboard, mouse, two full size monitors, Speaker system and just about anything else you can imagine to the Surface Pro 2, making it a vedry good full desktop replacement. While the ipad is likely the better tablet, for a full desktop and laptop replacement in one, you should consider the Pro.
I like more the Surface 2. It's more helpful with office and more beautifully built. Windows store is growing a lot times faster than before so it's the best tablet or there.
Thanks for an excellent review. I will certainly have to consider the Surface Pro 2 in my search for a laptop replacement.
I have the Logitech and other keyboards for iPads, but the Zagg is by far the best, and really turns it into a laptop.
Thomas B. Lemann.
The main problem with the surface is the software. It always will be until Microsoft decides to make a stable, user-friendly (aka not needing 3 actions to do something that can be done in one), intuitive interface.
Unfortunately I see how Apple is also becoming more and more Micro-soft-like in its approach by (ridiculously) adding more steps to (supposedly) make things more simple to do.
I personally think its a factor of programmers being pressed to come up with new innovations at the expense of simplicity.
Given the premise of your article , which is the better faux laptop, clearly the Surface is a much better choice (I own the iPad Air, mini Retina, and the Surface 2). Windows RT features a full browser experience which supports Flash as well as full support for business intranet applications. I use the Surface RT to produce Cisco quotes, something that is impossible with the iPad. Office is included btw, not charged. I like to experiment with all of the various OS and devices out there and I can say the Microsoft RT OS is very much underrated by the press. The App Store is very impressive and I'm astonished at the rate at which it's growing. If I had to choose between only one of these I'd go with Surface. ARM is the future, Microsoft knows that. Major benefit is I can connect a 2nd monitor, a game pad directly to the Surface. I can place the desktop on the external monitor while using a Metro App simultaneous on the Surface. Try that with an iPad. It's time to stop wishing Microsoft into the cornfield. Thanks
Lars Jeppesen
I got an Ipad Air, keyboard, gave away my laptop and hit the road. I did it because I always loved ipad from first to latest gen, it was always a perfect travel companion, but I always carried a laptop as well. after a few months though I have realized its not a doable solution if you even once in a blue-moon are depending on business productivity tools (which are mostly made for PC, and many by Microsoft) ERP, Intranet, Excel, CRM, SharePoint just does not work properly on an Ipad with or without keyboard - Minecraft does not work on an IPad, Lightroom does not work on my ipad - yes there are versions for Ipad, but its just not the same thing as the full windows version.
So I got myself a Surface Pro2 with Type keyboard, and it just works. no need to charge the keyboard separately, keyboard is backlit, and the power supply is small and even comes with an extra USB port for my charging my iphone.
I love my Ipad and I love the Surface Pro2, but having both, I just wish I had opted for an Ipad Mini, that would have been the ideal combination.
Kind regards Lars
Sorry, bur currently the Nook HD+ takes the prize. Its half the price and has a 1020P screen, plus sd storage ability. This price is temporary.
.Charles Remarque