John Shackleford
Well honestly speaking it would be very tough for the Iphone 5 to match up to the galaxy in most aspects. For chances are that the Galaxy s3 with its new Exynos processor would trump it as it is currently the best processor on a mobile device (including tablets). Also the iphone 5 may have a good camera but the question is will apple throw in the features like panorama, zero shutter lag, burst shot...etc.
Even if we compare screen with screen the resolution on the S3 still looks better and your comparison between the superLCD displays and the AMOLED display is also not fair. Fistly you forgot to mention that amo"LED" uses LED technology which is far superior in terms of contrast to LCD technology. It also is significantly healthier to read off an LED display than an LCD display and after hours of reading LED does not cause eye irritations like LCD displays. Sure there might be slightly "less natural colours" but the beauty of android is that it allows you to change the contrast on your S3.
The last thing i would like to talk about is the design. Now i highly doubt that the Iphone will be slimmer than the S3 and if it is slimmer than that would be a disadvantage to apple as the phone already feels like a brick in my hand (ergonomic design is good on the iphone but ergonomic feel is terrible) and if a brick was thin it would be easy to drop. The S3 feels natural in the hand and seamless in the pocket (maybe too seamless). The cheap and materials used to make the S3 honestly is a letdown and in terms of build quality samsung has a lot to learn from HTC but the design on the other hand is simple and like i mentioned, feels seemless and natural in the hand( perfect for videos)
Ross Jenkins
This article came at a good time, I'm about to swap my Galaxy S3 for an Iphone 5. I have to say that over all I was dissatisfied with the S3 in comparison to the Iphone 4. My main issue with the S3 is it's size.
Scott Bailey
New Samsung S IV is due out in September 2012, so why are all the peoples in my local area rushing to the phone stores to get a new iPhone5? I have no IDEA!
Their bad luck as they will be locked into a 24 month contract, I bet!
Paulo Guerreiro
Vou esperar pelo IPhone 6 ou o 7 ou o 8 ou o 9 ou o 10, e porque não o 11, vou pensar, começei hoje a minha reflexão, disse.
I've had my iPhone 5 for a few hours now and the best way to judge both of them, as the author mentioned, is to get both of them in your hands and see them in person. I did this and the iPhone was waay better in my opinion. The S3 is a truly fantastic device but just felt too cheap in the hand.
The thing that really did it for me though was the screen, I just thought the S3 was a little too big for my liking. The only downside for me for the iPhone was the loss of Google street view but I'm banking on Google bringing out an app to compensate for that.
Ziad Dibsi
The Galaxy S3 is a super phone and will not change it unless for Galaxy S4.
Stefan Padureanu
Review is biased towards Apple ...
Frank Pinkney
Strange that NFC, which isn't available on the iPhone, was only mentioned as an aside at the end of the article and the micro-sd slot on the S3 was mentioned but not really identified as an advantage for the S3.
Anthony Ballmann
I dunno, my mom got the s3 through t mobile, and so far she is dissappointed. the battery got hot in less than 10 minutes of it running, and i already heard of a report that one persons phone caught on fire! and this came from the guy working at the tmobile store! at the store, 3 other people came in with battery related issues. if they dont fix the battery problem, were gonna get rid of this phone (thank god we actually own the damn thing, and are not on a contract)
Interestingly, the most important element is utterly missing in terms of what makes the phone a better buy.
The issue is, how much of the phone's ability has been crippled deliberately by the maker or the carrier to make its functionality limited.
If one of the phones was equal to a supercomputer with AI but Apple (for example) had crippled it to the point where it couldn't work as a calculator even, then any other phone is the better buy unless you 'jailbreak' it and then you have to treat it as any other computer.
When the iphone 3 came out, it was capable of shooting video as hardware but Apple made sure that it would not have software that allowed that function. So a $50.00 flip phone was better for that purpose.
Both Apple and Samsung have continued to do that. So its a matter of researching what functions have been disabled to know which phone will work for you.
Also, the camera specs on the Galaxy III are the same as on the Galaxy II but the video and stills on the III are much better. In fact, the video is nearly as good as on my $1200.00 Panasonic prosumer video camera. I was shocked.
Lens quality and other variables count as well as MPs etc.
The Galaxy phones often have to be 'rooted' in order to get the actual performance of the hardware you buy and own when you get one of these things. I find that dishonest in terms of having to disable dishonest functions to limit the functionality of something you bought. But what can you do. These are big companies.