Ballua Trịnh
At this price, the Nexus won't be the iphone killer but it will be the iCook killer. lol
Rocky Stefano
Should have done a three way comparison with the Nokia 920 included. Wonderful feature set
so a year ago Apple gets made fun of for releasing the iPhone 4s without LTE… and now Google releases their "flagship" android device (Nexus 4) without LTE? weak google… weak.
Arthur Dent
sorry mr kashmir but the price tag of 299 for the nexus 4 is more then two times cheaper then the iphone's.
Koos Tonteldoos
First of all, iphone dont need the real estate since their simple icons only have one size fits all, secondly because their CPU/GPU/RAM can handle a larger screen resolution with their slow ios and thirdly because if their price goes any higher then you might as well buy mac air.
Anyone else notice how the author mitigated all of the ways the Nexus beat out the iPhone in terms of specs in his "explanations"? He somehow managed to make some the iPhone deficiencies seem like perks. I agree there aren't many apps out there that will truly test the HW, just seems a bit inconsistent. Google did screw up by skimping on LTE though.
Alyosha Shepherd
iPhone killer? No. Other Android phones killer? Maybe!
$299 unlocked is insane. In Australia I use a cell carrier that charges $10 or $17 a month no contract. The catch is you have to bring you own phone. Now I will :)
I compared my HTC one S (bought in May) with the new iphone 5. the HTC is the great winner. Mr. Shanklin may I ask you to compare iphone 5 to HTC one S? May I also ask you if you could also write an article on the comparison between IOS 6 and Android Sense interface.
Steve Graham
Seriously, I am already accustomed to 3G speed on my current phone. And when I need bandwidth I make sure I am using WiFi to ensure both lack of data usage with my cell phone carrier and ensured high speed bandwidth via some form of local delivery (cable or DSL).
After using the Nexus 4 for a couple of days, I just have to say this is the very best phone I could have ever imagined. However I have never used any apple products ever (my grain of salt). The Nexus 4 is VERY fast (no lag on anything yet) and the apps just scream (disclaimer - I am using my office and home wifi for data rather than my T-mobile connection). I have even taken the extreme measure of downgrading my cpu speed to preserve battery speed (12 hours of occasional videos, checking email and browsing on many websites - 48% charge remaining) and the phone still feels fast and snappy. I am certain this is because of the dedicated GPU/APU (whatever it is).
I can do without LTE to save ~ $70 per month on service. Pre paid vs contract is a no brainer, and the service level is not compromised. Be a slave to the service providers or declare your independence. It's up to you.
One last note. Rooting the Nexus 4 is easy. Took about an hour to figure out how to do it. And I kept the stock ROM and bootloader.
Android 4.2 is the bomb. No kidding, its that good.
James Nelson
Just an FYI to anyone who still thinks you can't get LTE on Nexus 4... It's an unlocked phone, and the chipset supports LTE, just not out of the box.
The antenna isn't amped up for amazing LTE reception, but it can and does work. You just have to unlock it first.