Angel Mckenney
What a waste I'll rather keep my iPhone 5 and wait for the 6xl.
Robert Smithers
Upgrading to a 5S if you have a 5 would be a waste. The Apple upgrade model has always been for those with non s to upgrade to the next non S, and those with S to the next S. ie 3 to 4 to 5 to "6" and 3S to 4S to 5S to "6S". Personally I've always been a fan of the S iterations as they seem to have ironed out kinks in each new model by then and I feel less like a beta tester, or at least Im buying aware of the issue.
Bruce Mawby
I see no real incentive to update yet i will be hanging onto my iPhone 5 at least until the 6
Suzanne Bradley
guess it could be a good time upgrade my old 16Gb iPhone3 then, due for renewal in January. I quite like the sound of this new one, never bothered with upgrades before.
Morten Nørgaard
Yea, I'm sticking by my 3gs for now as well.
Thomas Bollinger
I am checking out other options now. Even though I have 3 iPads, Apple TV, an iMac and owned iphones for 5 years now, I really want a different phone: bigger screen, better, fresher design, nfc... I must say I am disappointed that Apple has not made any design- or usability breakthrouhgs in the last years with the iphone. I never felt that my iphone was slow, so I wouldn't know what I need a new processor for.
Strange - Apple clearly saw the potential & demand to offer different screen sizes for their ipads, but for some reason they can't see the obvious demand for different screen sizes in their phones. Apple should be creating a smaller, more portable phone whilst competing with Samsung in the slightly larger screen smartphone arena.
I mean Im really struggling to finger pinch those zombies in Plants vrs zombies 2 at the moment....!
Gaurav Bidasaria
Apple has announced that developers will not get access to the touch id sensor atleast for now. Read more below.
This is sad as access to touch id sensor to lead to several security apps upgradation like for banking, files, folders, fpt, office clients and more.
I don't get it. Exactly why does anyone really need their cell phone to collect finger prints of anyone who handles it, record all activity for who know who and record precise 24 hour location, when all you want is a cell phone to make calls?
Vince Pack
offthegrid - if all you want is a cellphone to make phone calls, you have plenty of options besides a shiny new iPhone.
Regarding the fingerprint sensor being "open" for developers and apps, Apple didn't have a choice but to keep it sandboxed. With the revelations of NSA hands reaching out for all sorts of questionable data, I don't want my fingerprints readily available. No real reason why except I already feel my privacy has been compromised. Sandboxing the sensor is a small pony show for Apple to put on for us that is basically saying, "See? We aren't totally coalescing to the NSA. Your privacy is safe with us."
The need for the sensor comes from the fact that the iPhone is the number one stolen electronic device world-wide. They'll still get stolen, but with this lock in place, and if there is good support underneath (such as bricking a stolen phone), then the numbers will fall off dramatically and quickly.
It may not be true in every market, but to implement a fingerprint sensor in the US market at this point, Apple has no other viable option but to keep it locked up. Their sales numbers here would certainly be substantially lower otherwise.