Clearly S5 is better on hardware. And has the better OS too.
Derek Howe
This phone is a beast. I would love to own the S5, I currently own the S4. It's been a great phone, but I have to wait a while before I can upgrade.
The only feature that I think is dumb on the S5, is the heart rate monitor. I think its smart on the new fitness wrist thing they are launching...but on a phone...no thanks.
Apple is going to have to dig deep for their iphone 6, otherwise the S5 is going to dominate the market.
This is just an useless and severely biased article which I don't understand why will appear on Gizmag. It only selectively list some basic facts, which most ordinary readers can easily find in any major technology websites, and the facts are clearly biased towards S5: Post-shot focusing? What about Pano-shooting that S5 doesn't have. Heart-rate monitor? What about M7 process that S5 doesn't have. Clearly S5 wins on mere specs, but does S5 give you better picture with double pixel counts as Apple? Although having larger battery, does S5 actually have longer talking time/stand-by time, etc? With quad-core processor, is user experience smoother? Or apps launch faster? I am just so disappointed that such an article appears on Gizmag. Why not just give the links of Apple/Samsung websites. They actually contain more useful information
Richard Widman
Bigger is not better. First and foremost we must remember it is a portable communication device that must fit in pockets or belt holders, not get in the way of seat belts or be uncomfortable while sitting at a table or desk.
All Apple will have to do is release the iPhone 6x in 5.5" and bump it to 2048 x whatever. Increase camera capability to 0 Lux with IR assist, and the masses will flock.
They may even throw in inductive charging and IP67 to really corner the outdoor market.
That package in itself would totally wipe out its competition, even at $1000 retail
Question Everything
@ Richard Widman Bigger IS better. I have used an iphone for over 2 years, and hated every moment of it. It was a company issue phone, and they wouldn't hear that there were any problems with the phone. My problem with the phone is primarily with my eyes. I've been legally blind since I was 5 years old (I'm now 56) and couldn't make out the info on the small screen. There were other problems as well, like the tiny keyboard while typing. Finally, after refusing to use this phone (with a letter to management), I was given a Samsung Galaxy Note II. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I can actually use vnc on this device when needed! I can now be anywhere and get some work done (which isn't always ideal :-> ), but I can now use my phone and actually enjoy the experience! Interesting to note is that within my company, which was at one time 100% iphone, we are now currently 40% Android, because of screen size! Roger
Derek Howe
@ Nairda- Apple fanboy much? You basically said is Apple made the S5 everyone would flock to it any pay a ridiculous premium just because it's apple. Those days are dwindling. As for the inductive charging...I don't know why more phones don't have that built in. My S4 didn't have it either, but I bought a thing of ebay that changed that for about 30 bucks, well worth it, I love just setting it down instead of plugging it in.
Can't wait to purchase the S5! (currently have the S3) Who would ever want to view the infinitesimal text, images, pics on the iPhone? It's so nice to be able to see the Galaxy screens w/o having to wear glasses or have lasik surgery. I like the Note 3 but it's too wide for my hand, causing cramping.
Rann Xeroxx
Would go with a Nexus 5 for about half the price of either of these.
Cam Macduff
These are not the droids you're looking for. Move on.