Finally an Android vs iOS article that doesn't totally reek oh Fanboyism. Even though there is an obvious, albeit slight, slant towards one. With that said, my only criticism is this. You went to great length to point out the iPhones slow motion video, then said the nexus has nothing to compare to it. What about the photo sphere? This might be the best feature android cameras offer. When I show it to my itoy using friends they are blown away by it. It really is that good. Plus when you open it in the gallery you can further enhance it by using that top down view feature. There's also face unlock to compare with the fingerprint reader of the iPhone, though I consider both of them gimmicks.
Now for the bad, you never mentioned how with android, your phone is a computer and can be used as such. Meaning, you are not tied to the horrific iTunes. Want to add or delete music? Just Drag and drop it or a dozen other, just as easy alternatives, such as NFC. This goes for any other file on the phone. This consistently, is my itoy using friends, biggest complaint. For the average 14 year old itoy user, this isn't a concern, After all, they have parents they can "but it's Only 99 cents" to death. And or don't know the first thing about transferring files or care about it. But for anyone else who might have amassed a huge music collection in the years before iTunes, having the ability to use the hard drive as you wish, Google 20,000 songs per account Free music storage is invaluable.
I agree with somfw. My wife is an i-girl and I'm a Galaxy boy. When I tried to cut & paste photos from my PC on to her iPad the paste option was grayed out. The only way I found I could do it was to load up 60MB of iTunes, plug her iPod in and it automatically started transferring every song on my PC onto the iPad! I stopped it. Not so with my Galaxy. The phone looks like a hard drive and I can dump whatever I want onto it, even stuff unrelated to a phone. If it can play it, it will, if it can't it won't. I can use it like a 32 GB memory stick. Now I admit I don't know my way around i-devices but every time I try to do something on them it fails. I think they must be just TOO intuitive for me!
I have some thing to say about TOUCH ID, Android too have similar security feature, and its called "Face Unlock"
So phones now seem to do everything, except make phone calls!
It's interesting that the larger size was touted as a selling point. Phones used to be trending smaller but are now going the other way. I find the iphone to be as big as I can easily carry in my pocket. If you really need a larger screen, you may as well lug around a tablet or ipad.
Bob Smogango
Reading the article, its kind of obvious why Apple hasn't released larger iPhones yet. Battery life. Hopefully, they will figure it out for this year's large screen model release.
One thing not mentioned (naturally) is customer support. Apple is far, far better in this regard. The also-rans cost less because they use a free OS, if you have a problem with that or google's services you're well and truly screwed. Ever tried to get hold of google 'customer service'? Good luck.
Once the larger iPhone 6 comes around (Sept. I think) there'll be absolutely no reason to get a copycat.
Clay Knight
I used the nexus 5 for about 3 weeks. Perfect device. However, the iphone 5S won out because of a feature NOT talked about here- Google Hangouts.
Yes both devices support Hamgouts, but there's one difference between Android Hangouts and iOS Hangouts- Google Voice integration. T-Mobile doesn't have coverage in my hometown, so without VoIP service, I was unreachable by voice. Other than that, it was an awesome device for an awesome price. I miss it to be honest with you.
James Huang
I've used both devices for a few months. I switched from a nexus 5 to an iphone 5s. There were a lot of growing pains and also some upsides. A lot of users mentioned the face unlock being comparable to touchid, this is absolutely not true. You cannot use face unlock in the dark and it is absolutely unreliable and a very bad useless feature. The camera resolution is simply not high enough to get an accurate picture of your face. The software on a nexus 5 is miles more stable than ios 7. On ios 7 (I also own an iPad air) I see about 3 crashes a day. The phone will just completely reboot itself or the browser will just exit and crash. I've seen this happen maybe once ever having used android devices for over a year. Apple is absolutely losing out on this front. I came to the apple bandwagon late, so it might just be ios 7, but the experience is terrible. The iphone App Store is probably still better than the google play store but as is always mentioned that gap has narrowed quite a bit. Most of the developers on the ios platform are very concerned with beautiful design. I don't believe the same ethos exists in the android ecosystem. App software updates are much faster in the android universe because there is no approval process unlike with apple. You also get some neat apps like replacement keyboards and automator apps like tasker and torrent apps and bitcoin apps. Android, like one commenter works much more like a computer than ios. There is no file system to access here. The reason I switched, though, was that I owned an iPad and a MacBook Pro retina. The unity between the services works a lot better, but I would honestly say that I regret my switch a bit. The 4 inch screen is also much worse to type on and the way the iphone displays websites is not as nice as it is on the high resolution android with chrome. I would also note, though, that the apple is a much better made product as far as build quality goes.
Nice article and thankfully not biased. But I want to say (as an admitted Android fan): -Touch ID was already eclipsed by Android's Face Unlock in 4.0, which over 55% of registered Android devices use, way back in 2011. -In the unlikely event anyone got hold of my Face Unlock/Touch ID data I'd far prefer them to know what my face looks like, which my Facebook/Google+ account already can tell them if they really look hard enough, rather than my non-changeable fingerprint, which no one has. -I don't think people realise that you can get most paid apps for free on Android by downloading them off a sharing website: so you can still get Flappy Bird now after it was taken off iTunes and Google Play. -To mirror the screen to TV you only need to get a £25 HDMI adapter with Android, whereas with iOS you need to get Apple TV, which costs £90-£100. -Android has NFC which iOS doesn't have, which essentially future proofs it. -You can change the keyboard to a third party one. -If you really want, you can change the look to be similar to iOS. -The performance difference (if any) isn't really noticeable in real life and being a few milliseconds slower is certainly worth £300 more in my pocket to me -Google Play support is very good and helpful - they replaced my broken Nexus 4 quickly even though it's out of production -Admittedly the iPhone 5s looks better than the Nexus 5, but the iPhone turns heads, whereas the Nexus 5 just blends in, and I don't always need people looking over my shoulder just because I have a fancy phone
If anyone has something to say in favour of the iPhone, other than that it's a ripoff for the worse specs and user experience it provides, please say so.