If you're so pro-stylus, as you obviously are, Will, there are plenty of styli you can buy for the iPhone/iPad, so this shouldn't be an issue.
Da Harder
Pretty solid review, and I certainly have found much to appreciate about my iPhone 6 Plus, but...
To so deliberately omit any mention of both the completely botched iOS 8.0.1 release (that rendered many of our devices USELESS as actual phones) and the recent 'bending' under rather normal usage issues plaguing the 6 Plus, fails to honestly serve your readers.
Good phone but certainly one with (seemingly) more issues than ANY modern smartphone should have... especially one costing nearly US 1000.00.
Brian Mcc
And folds for your convenience.
Looks good. Not sure about the concern for QFHD/4K on a 5'' screen. Some people swear they can't visually discriminate between 1080p and 2160p on a 50'' screen (though I know I can).
Philip Vaticano
I can assure you that any "Phablet" will have similarities with bending or flexing. These are delicate and intricate devises that are not only worth big bucks but more suited to grown-ups rather than a child thats more likely to mistreat or abuse it. I've seen idiots throw phones at a brick wall just cause they didn't like the conversation. A friend of mine "had" a Galaxy Note 3 a while ago and accidentally dropped it from about 4 feet onto concrete and it shattered in to 5-6 different directions so no, none of these devices are bullet proof and they few of them claim to be. The ones that do are telling fibs...
Terrell Oung
You must be joking...after iPhone 6+ bent and iOS 8 that is not working..what so good about it..
Inappropriate Response
@da harder
"plaguing - A widespread affliction or calamity"
There have been 9 reported cases in over 10 million phones.
Unfortunately for these 9 people , there's no hope , they certainly can't go to the Apple Store to get it replaced, or have another one sent out immediately free of charge.
Mark Rosengarten
Haters gotta hate. I happen to like both Android and iOS devices. My Galaxy S4, however, is starting to give me fits after just 16 months of use. Enough so that I am getting an iPhone 6 Plus off-contract. Since I never carry my phone in my pocket and always put a screen protector and case on them, I'm not worried about bending it. Since I never apply updates right away, waiting instead to hear about any problems, I'm not worried about that, either.
Lewis M. Dickens III
Thanks Will, one more great review.
For me the issue is the Clock accuracy. Is it synced with the NBS standard time. Is It? The original phones were way off. I would like to see something on this very important issue.
Now let's see some videos on the plastic Phablets being bent. The smart- assed, unfair video review unconceals the idiocy and deceitfulness of the younger generation.
It was said that the real reason to have an iPhone was the i41CX+ the best calculator in the world. It is being scaled up to fit the phablet so it will become a great teaching instrument as well. And no you will not be able to get it with the plastic junk out there. It should be utterly fantastic on the +. That is a double plus for me. Can't live without it.
Very interesting review - seems a lot of compromises rather than glowing reports of Apple is the greatest or at the front end any more. No mention the of supposed killer Ipay apps.