Vince Pack
My experience with the 6+ has been interesting. Frankly everything about the device is improved with two exceptions - Using it as a telephone still feels a little awkward, even after two and a half weeks. It's a bit like talking into a paperback novel. Size (obviously) is a bit of a shock to the senses; especially in pocket. I'm sure I'll eventually get used to it, but unlike the iPhone 5s, and those before it, I'm always conscious of the 6+'s presence. If you have any pants with shallow hip pockets, be careful - this one is far more apt to topple out. It's happened to me a couple times since getting the phone.
All that said, everything else about the device is fantastic. I considered trading for the smaller 6 when it first arrived, but the things I do most (read study notes and surf) are just so good, going back to a smaller screen just wasn't worth losing the real estate.
Another thing I've noticed is my iPad mini retina. More accurately, I've noticed it's absence. I really haven't used it at all. I'm sure the battery has run down by now. I haven't done any significant photography since getting the 6+, but I imagine using PSExpress and Snapseed will be close enough to the iPad experience that this thing will take over that duty, as well. Major processing will still happen on the desktop.
In short, I'm loving the iPhone 6+ as an "everything except a phone" device. Guess it's finally time to find and reacquaint myself with my old Apple BlueTooth headset...
I wish Apple would offer a stylus for their devices (and mouse capability for the iPad). So many times a finger just doesn't cut it...especially if you don't have stylus-sized ones to begin with.
Overall good comparison but like always Will is reluctant including the real big advantages of (all the) Samsung devices, i.e. the ability to quickly insert a new fully charged battery and start from scratch as well as inserting a new Micro SD when you happen to run out of storage. When Will is reluctant to call a winner then one has to assume that the Note4 has to be the clearly better buy. In my book by a lot more than just a little margin!
I am waiting patiently for a six inch Ipod Touch 6.....if there will ever be one. For my phone it is Note 3 at present and sometime soon it will be Note 4. The stylus makes the Samsung Note phones and tablets totally worthwhile......But I have always loved the ipod touch...EXCEPT FOR THE DAMN SCREEN...I complained to Apple four years ago but they were never going to listen to the likes of me.....but now because of what Samsung have done with their Notes 1..2..3..and 4 Apple had to get back some of their lost ground...but they seem to have no regard for the PMP Device and the Ipad Mini they gave us was never portable enough or pocket friendly /purse friendly. Each time I considered buying the mini ipad I just shrugged the thought right out of my head...but there is a very strong need for a BABY IPAD.... I am sure there will be a successful run for the IPhone 6 Plus and the smaller sibling ...but there is a need for a pocket friendly 6 inch Baby Ipad....If only those very clever people at Apple could open their minds and eyes enough to see where the world is moving towards.....Psychologically humans need variations of sizes of tablets and phones...we...being humans come in all shapes and sizes...Some of us have large fingers and hands while some have such small fingers.And so, if SENSE were to take over at Apple then they would think of humans first and their shapes and sizes and then think of their needs.... then make devices which suited variety of uses....
Cairn Mitchell
Gorgeous Note display! I have to go get one
In my earlier comment I was going to mention about the removable battery and also the micro SD card and then forgot to do so...These two factors make such a lot of sense and they always will to me....I only wish that Samsung would show some real generosity and include a micro SD card bus so you could have two or even three memory cards sitting pretty in a tablet or even the phone and at a whim you could remove one and transfer it to another device to transfer some music files or videos or ebook can work for some people ...but not all.... Samsung could also design in a couple of removable batteries in its tablets...that would make their tablets more saleable and to a much much bigger market base...but there is this stupid fashion of very very thin devices which makes it very easy for these manufacturers to deny us the removable batteries ...little do these very clever people know that the more sensible people will not buy tablets unless they have easy access to removing the battery for me I first watched YouTube to see how a battery was possible to be removed before I went and bought the Note 8 and Note 10.1 2014 edition. ...Now I am happy in the knowledge that I do not have to fall victim to the sell by date syndrome.... The one exception I will make is for the ipod touch... only because I am stupidly attached to it... possibly because of my music.
Why are reviewers so reluctant to just say, an i phone has lost a particular comparison. Is everyone so afraid to step on apples toes.
Criticizing Samsung's pen when apple doesn't have one, complimenting apples build when one cannot swap out batteries, Samsung's screen is better but who cares, they're both good enough. Samsung's screen is bigger, but they are both big enough, both batteries are huge so it's not important that Samsung's is bigger. A coin toss? Is this a review or just how a reviewer keeps a job?
Richard Morley
Got the Note 4 and love It . Spen is Superb
Gille, I've seen worse. Back several years CNet or ZDNet was doing a battle between the Nokia N900(?) and an iPhone. It was being done in a basement lab and during the test for phone/voice quality ***the iPhone was unable to complete a call to another phone sitting next to it on the table***. The Nokia had no problem. The battle gave equal weight to categories such as "appearance" and performance. Thanks to this equal weighting (with some categories being subjective) the phones achieved a tie. The reviewer then decided the tiebreaker would be the appearance/style category and gave the win to the iPhone! A phone that was unable to actually complete a single phone call during testing was awarded best phone of the pair!
It's not just phones, though. Some car magazines absolutely can't burst the bubble about Germany producing the best cars. One mag had a round-up that included taking American sports sedans onto the Autobahn. In the round-up a German test driver was willing to concede that the American Cadillac CTS-V coupe handled better at fast speeds than the BMW in the comparison. Based on all the scoring, the Cadillac would have won. However, the American writing the piece decided to give the Caddy a lower score in the subjective appearance category for two reasons: 1) a light indicating the manual release for the electric doors, required by the government and a lifesaver if the car should end up in water and the doors short out, and 2) he DIDN'T FEEL THE SOUND OF THE TURN SIGNALS WAS AGRESSIVE ENOUGH.
For perspective, the interior of the coupe and sedan models of the Caddy were identical (other than the electric door/light) and the same magazine had given a higher score in a similar test to the sedan's interior. Nowhere in any of the articles about the Caddy in its various incarnations did any reviewer even mention the turn signals. In fact, one commenter stated he'd subscribed to the magazine for over 10 years and couldn't recall any article in that time mentioning the turn signal sound of any car! The points shaved off were just enough to give the BMW a one or two point paper-thin win over the American car!
Maybe it's like the case with lemmings going over cliffs - they don't. One documentary crew found such backlash from suggesting that they really don't that they actually asked a producer if they should throw a few over a cliff and film it just to make the viewers happy (the producer rejected that idea). It could be reviewer bias but it could also be not wanting to deal with the backlash of debunking a piece of conventional wisdom, be it the superiority of Apple or BMW or lemmings' migratory habits.
Facebook User
Weak good review but take a side. The S pen and note taking capability is a huge advantage over the I phone. Its not just a pen but the screen has an active digitizer (If I am not mistaken)- big difference You missed one very important feature- removable battery/memory card in the Note. What about the capability to recognize your face from the camera to keep the phone on? Does I phone have that? what about customizing your phone? obviously that is the forte of the Note.
I purchased the Japanese ersion of the Edge- a whole different world. I am using the edge for my mostlly used apps and nothing is on my screen.