Why would you tie yourself to the wall with this device when with the same technology you could be mobile?
Richard Mayes
@winzurf This is a great item for Citrix implementations and you are actually running off a central server. Anyway how often do you take your work PC home with you?!?! :)
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\"Why would you tie yourself to the wall with this device when with the same technology you could be mobile? \"

Because as I\'m saving discreet clinical data to the webserver during an exam, a network connectivity interruption on my tablets wireless will result in data loss forcing me to key everything in a second time. Additionally, even on N drafts wireless signals are very latent. Most commercial buildings are constructed with steel studs. Throw in an x-ray room with some lead walls and an electric elevator and you essentially have built a Faraday cage.

This Jack PC is pretty sweet as far as im concerned.

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@winzurf Because not every usage case calls for mobility. Look at the average enterprise using a terminal server. People at their desks. What good would it serve to have them milling around using (vastly more expensive) wireless devices?
These should be perfect for call center deployments. Also, schools/universities could use them for lab environments. I can think of two functions we could use them for where I work alone. Of course, the big issue is making sure your apps run on them. If the apps can be web based this becomes much less of an issue though.
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With the All-In-One PC (PC inside the display) and Internet TV (ie. PC inside the TV) , I am not sure if PC in the wall has any better compelling value or competitive advantage over the other two PC model.
Kyle Gordon
Looks all lovely and good, except it\'s not news :-)
2 years ago I took this picture whilst at a Dell briefing, where they were trying to flog us it as part of a VDI solution
Shiny, but not news!
I missed that briefing, so it is news to me.
Vivek Bandebuche
good stuff.ty for posting
My initial point was not clear - if I have a small footprint PC the size of this unit, and I want to use it anywhere in a room, I would need to provide it with power and possibly a network connection if I didn\'t want to wireless, this is 1 or 2 cables, and the power cable can be to the nearest convenient location. On the other hand, if I mount the same device in the wall and then want to work anywhere in the room I will need:power cable(s) for the monitor etc, monitor cable (or 2 if 2 screens), usb for keyboard, usb for mouse (or usb extender) and then cables for any other peripherals I want to have at my work desk. All these cables will be trailing across the room. So my question is, if I can make a PC thats this small, why mount it in the wall and then run cables across the room when I could perhaps mount it on the back of my monitor and at worst run a network cable to the wall?