O.K. now THAT is how to make a \"super\" car! If I was ever in the market this is what I\'d look for. :-)
Chris Knowles
Wow! This is an amazing showcase of Jaguar vision & technology. Who\'s going to turn up their nose at an electric sportscar now - with jet engines! Hope it reaches production.
Dave Maguire
This car is so over the top. The rear quarter panels look like corvetter front fenders from the 60\'s. The over all shape looks like a lotus elise on steoids. Everything about this car sreams incredible. It is PERFECT!
Clive Richardson
Don\'t bother wrapping it up just send it for Xmas !!! :-)
Wayne Day
all these electric cars with not enough electric grid to support; is this the normal way the u.s. is going? think natural gas!
Matt Fletcher
I love automobiles and although this may not be as fast as a Bugatti in my opinion it is a Bugatti\'s equal, technologically speaking. I have been wondering why everyone\'s trying to make more efficient electric vehicles but keep putting diesel or two stroke engines in the system to rechagre the batteries, when turbines are the more efficent and deliver better power to weight ratios. The rail system was the first to adopt the electric diesel concept and played with the electric turbine concept as earliy as the 50\'s but found the advantages weren\'t cost effective for trains but it would be perfect for cars if the batteries could be made efficient. It\'s good to see someone\'s merging the technologies together. Maybe someday the Trucking industry will do the same and make start making an electric diesel systems similar to the locomotives for fleet sales.
Mike Hallett
Well, they\'re nearly there. All they need now is an on-board Brown\'s gas generator and they could run the two turbines on Hydrogen derived from water or, even better, use urea. Bingo, no harmful emissions at all and the driver can urinate in the tank when he runs short. Hmmmm!
think go-carts, 1960 /-. my neighbor built many, each more advanced then prior \"model\". last one had 4 chain saw engines, as the electrics in jag. i helped \'try\' to sync, but with torque slightly different at each wheel, and electronic in the future...... we tried viscous dampened \'clutching\' etc. my friend drove utilizing 4 throttles! entered races in the then new ontario, ca motor speedway. i have forgotten attained speed, but nothing could compete in its class. idea on engines goes back in history of beginning of automobiles, just remember the marques. where is this car located, where mfgrd?, amount in $, when can i pick it up? article states, \"single seat\", photo shows 2 buckets, eh ?
This is a stunning car, but not in a good way. The wheel wells are open so there is a whole lot of unnecessary drag. The front is fussy, there\'s no boat-tail. Somebody should show the nice people at Jag the textbook on aerodynamics, since it is bloody obvious that they haven\'t read it yet.
Not keen on the looks but the tech is impressive. I suspect the biggest obstacle using turbines will be the noise levels. Apart from the they are among the most efficient combustion engines in the world. Good work Jag, now for Hyundai to get on board and put this technology into showrooms. Whoever brings it to market will need to get it\'s price comparable to an equivalent petrol car.