There never was a more beautiful, graceful and stylish car than the Jaguar XK-E. It was the only automobile ever to be displayed in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. The 1965 Studebaker Grand Turismo Hawk came in a close second though.
That was my first car I ever owned--was a 64' Studebaker GranTurismo Golden Hawk. Wish I still had it darn.
It's all very nice that they will restore old XKe's, but first glancing at the title, I thought they would bring out a modernized NEW model, with the same body styling of the e-type, but state of the art under the hood. Hello Jaguar... are you listening? The XKE design is timeless.. Bring it back in a production sports car.
In 1980 (or so), Car and Driver asked car designers, car journalists, and subscribers to name the most beautiful car ever made. All three groups named the Jaguar XKE. I'll never forget how the allure of that model was described by car journalist Jean Lindamood Jennings, herself a former car racer: "Whenever I look at one, the inside of my mouth gets wet."
Well...,apparently, this one doesn't so much need the convenience of removal by the huge eye bolts mounted into the engine straight from the factory as the earlier did. :p
Bob got to make this point just ahead of me. If my lottery investment program ever actually works out a Jag E type is on the list of cars I would want to own & drive. A brand new & modernized E type would be even more attractive.
Craig Whitley
If only as reliable as it looks. Beautiful design but...
No wonder the British drink their beer warm as the companies which make British automobile electrical systems also make refrigerators. I remember seeing one with a bumper sticker, "The parts falling off this care were made with the finest of British craftsmanship.
The two most beautiful cars ever produced... the Jaguar E-Type and the Ford GT-40. Then I want a Lola T-70. Next I should probably slip a Shelby Daytona in there, too.
Helped a friend put a clutch in one once. Now THAT was a job, take apart the front end, pull the engine. But what a car.
Terry Foy
This isn't a rebirth, it's a cosmetic procedure. I agree with the other posters in that the XK-E is the most beautiful vehicle rolling but the title suggests a technically new car with the original body style. Just how many original chassis are available for the facelift?