nice looking but not in the same league as the iconic E Type.
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Why are people trying to compare this to an E-Type? It's NOT an E-Type - it's not even competing in the same segment as an E-Type did. The E-Type was the pinnacle of Jaguars sports car 'division', it was the biggest and best roadster it could build at the time. If anything, the current XKR-S should be regarded as the spiritual successor to the E-Type. This car is going to be aimed headlong at the Porsche Boxster and top Z4's and AMG SLK's. If this car was competing in the same segment 40 odd years ago when the E-Type was around, it would be up against MG's and Austin Healeys!!
The E-Type is - and always will be - regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever conceived: even 50 years on it can barely be touched and rests easily in the top 3 most beautiful cars ever in any true petrolheads list. And yet Jaguar is getting slated that in these oppressive, crash protected, envirocentric, regulatory strangled times - it can't come up with a car to overcome those barriers and match the beauty of the iconic, timeless E-Type??
Give me a break! I think it is a damn handsome looking car, and hopefully will drive just as well as it looks. Fair play Jaguar - with your current crop of motors, you are definitely on your game in my opinion, and sincerely hope the company continues onwards and upwards!
(oh, and though I wouldn't be in the market for an F-Type anyway - the XF Sportbrake is actually genuinely on my shortlist of 2 to replace my current 3.0 Audi A6 Avant!!) ;0)
Mike vC
Looks like a Maserati...
Dawar Saify
Whatever the model, the science behind it remains the same. Reducing wind resistance, therefore the shape of cars in categories will always be similar.
Hit the nail on the head Garry. It is yet another beautiful car I will never own. Such a shame we have but one lifetime and so have to pick our priorities.
Alan Belardinelli
Yes Garry, that was my impression as well. Like someone sent an MG to Italian boarding school.
Emilio Reyes
Is it just me, or does it resemble the Nissan GTR too much from the front?
Doc Rock
Hmph.. looks like a Miata to me.. or a Z series Beemer..
Alastair Carnegie
An EF version would be interesting, combustion engines rarely put more than 20% of the fuel energy into the drive shaft. An Electric F Type could probably outperform all these models, except for range. Batttery technology ever moves forward, and in the not too distant future we may see the first nano-scale kinetic flywheel batteries. The physics at nano-scale is fascinating! A flywheel battery can be charged rapidly and delivers close to 100% of it's input as output. Power density tends to be several times better than chemical storeage, which is why NASA have conducted so much research on this topic.
Off peak electricity goes to waste most of the time. so an E-F Type Jag would be doing it's bit to conserve our planet.
Charlie Channels
Mike, you are right....put the three-prong fork on the front grille and voilá! You have a Maserati...!!!