Joseph Shimandle
Too much time on their hands with more techonolgy to go wrong on a car.
Von Meerman
It sounds like exactly the sort of buggy gimmick that comes and goes leaving only lighter wallets and regret.
Over engineering.
Joseph Shimandle
Why not put a thumb print reader on the engine start button that would unlock the car computer for authorized drivers only.
Bill Bennett
something that will break and leave you dead in the water in in five years or 16,000 miles, like all the Minis we see breaking here a \"oh sorry, that is not a warranty issue, yes we know you car is in warranty, but the $2800.00 clutch is not covered,, the bloody car had 16k and mini charged for it, horrible car
Bill Bennett
seat sensors are notorious for failing, the wires break when a FAT ASS or sharp object applies weight to it
Dan Veronese
Mark A
Dear Japanese Engineer,
I am much taller than my wife and am literally unable to sit in the car before I move the seat. Simplify your system with two different RF keys that identify each of us before we enter the car so the seat and mirrors will be in the correct place before we enter. Thank you. Send royalty checks to me.
Bryan Paschke
Leave it to the Japanese to identify us by our butt prints.
I thought it was designed to set the seat and mirrors according to the driver? nope? then it\'s a waste of time.
What happens when you take the car to service, or lend it to a pal? do they have to use a (silicon?) model of your backside in order to drive it?
What would be more useful is fa** detection which automatically opens the windows... LOL