Renārs Grebežs
Looks cool, but nothing revolutionary in my opinion, as it still uses air to move along. When will THAT change, huh..
Gonzalo Villouta Stengl
Para invitarte a viajar en pelota, por todas partes... ...y seguir siendo un caballero.
Shahar Shocron
this is more then a cool toy, you have to admire the AI algorithms involved here.
Cool, but it\'s hard to see how it advances the art. What can this do that can\'t be done by other, simpler, quieter technology?
Guy Macher
It is not a sphere just a globe armature. It could have been shaped in a cube. A sphere has a continuous surface. This flying joke is not new and not important.
Facebook User
Recon, hover to 37 mph I like it, a larger version could make a killer 360% weapons platform that would be almost invisible to RADAR.
Sambath Pech
I\'d be too scared to be near it. If that thing accidentally falls on you and your fingers get caught in it, you\'d probably lose your fingers and thumbs.....and hands. Like others have said, this is nothing exciting. I actually have a toy that can do something like this - the only thing different is my toy can only hover for about 30 seconds between charges, it\'s harder to control it (unstable), and it doesn\'t have a camera.
Marcus Carr
It\'s just a toy. Anything that interrupts the airflow stops it from working, so adding a payload of any sort is impractical. They added gyros and controllers to an engine - nothing more.
Carlos Grados
This is so cool- I hope that it\'s range can grow with further innovation.If they get these to work together they could really cover a lot of ground to help find missing people.
Edward Maner
Usual sequence of criticism: It is impossible. It is impractical. It is too expensive. Is it too late to buy stock ? Once a proof-of-concept demonstrator flies, it is only a matter of time before it shows up at WalMart.