Oh I Want This. Obviously not as primary vehicle, but for utility work this would be amazing! And it looks awesome as well!!!
Cripes. I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Though only if it had a diesel mill.
BTW - Jeep also built a van version of the FC for the Swiss Post Office. They were still using them when I first went hillwalking in Switzerland in 1971.
Mr Stiffy
Ugly but very functional in the off road sense.
Absolutely awesome! Could even be used for daily use since it is based on the JK Unlimited and probably not as big as it looks in the photos. Although it would need to be diesel to make it a true contender for daily use.
This looks to be inspired more by Mercedes' Unimog than any old Jeep that I ever saw. Dodge got the Sprinter and it looks like Jeep got the Unimog. The only problem is that Chrysler is now owned by Fiat!
Agreed.I'm all-in if they put a diesel in it. Just don't see them having the guts to green light something that is clearly "niche". Excellent concept.
William H Lanteigne
Add a drop-in or slide-in passenger module for the cargo box and I'm all in.
Mike Hallett
Looks promising, particularly the portal axles, and, as has already been pointed out, a decent turbo diesel would be the icing on the cake. Nice.
Dawar Saify
Looks like a Unimog.
Grunchy is right, this is a Unimog wannabe. And if they do a good job it should be a fine off-road vehicle. Most likly will not be made as DOC HOLLYWOOD pointed out too niche. It would be great if a car company made a real work truck, leave off all the heated seat crap that drives up the cost.