315-740 hp seems abit overkill for this small of craft dont you think? I'v seen similar sized boats where the large option engine is 75HP and that makes it go plenty fast..... this amount is enough for a very fast speed boat... im almost feeling like it could be a typo.
Very awesome! Love the concept.
But why included a military propaganda rendering? (in hopes of war-profiteering?)...
A luxury war-vehicle. oh yeah. "kill in comfort".
This is not a yacht. Yachts have masts and sails
Dave B13
I love it. Boats of similar configuration are known as trailerable houseboats in the USA. Usualy intended for inland waterways.
Mel Tisdale
Anything above force 4 on the Beaufort scale and I think you would have to keep it headed into wind if you wanted to keep the lower bedroom from becoming a penthouse.
Interesting design but such an impractical use of space. Years ago I had a 2450 Bayliner flybridge on a trailer. Same length as this boat but only eight feet wide. It was laid out so well that we used it as a travel trailer crossing the U.S. When we got to the Great Lakes, a river or the ocean, we would put it in the water and stay at the marinas at night while we went out fishing or diving during the day. We had plenty of room for four adults with all the comforts of home. Surprisingly, it was much cheaper to rent a slip for the week than to stay at an RV park. The boat in this article looks like it would handle a larger group of people short term but would not be trailerable. A little more sunbathing space would have been nice as well. Water taxi, yes, recreational cruiser, no.
Frank Fain
masts and sails are usually found on sailboats and catamarans and other wind class vessels.
Many motor powered yachts have neither...
I'm with Nutcase in that yachts definitely must have masts and sails, and may I add that yachts must also have a closed cabin of some sort and 'closed' would include rear doors, which this one does not have. So this one could maybe be a motor boat. A pretty nice one, in fact.
The lighting does not conform to US standards either. The white "headlights" can not be below the side/running lights (red/green). Also, the side lights should only be veiwable to 112.5 degrees, and in the photos it looks that at 145 they are still viewable. An interesting concept. However, getting boarded by the Coast Guard at regular intervals and failing inspections is not in the best interest of the 'mini luxury' owner. Looks like an egg on the water, almost reminiscent of a AMD Pacer or Isetta. They were great sellers - not And as noted - at that size and weight you would want it to be trailerable. 11 width is going to require permits thru every state
I think this is way cool. I think it has a futuristic design.
It does have an option of a rear door and one can customize it. I don't believe a yacht would have to have a mast to be a yacht but it does have to be a certain size.
They even have a smaller sized one that is similar in shape.