If they want more endurance, they should use a pair of wing and make a transition to level flight where the jet engine could probably be used in an idle regime.
Cam Macduff
Wooohooo. Sign me up! Before I hit fifty please. I've dreamt of this all my life since childhood. 10mins travel would get me to work and back twice.
When it can fly for 60 minutes, I want it to- and from work.
Absolutely !!!
WOW! But only a few minutes... I mean the sxystem must be perfectioned up to a half hour fly time. The jets consumes too much.
wow...nice you can bet it can be used for terrorist activities as well...super job on design.
I remember as a boy my father taking me to Chicago and watching a Bell rocket belt fly from the planetarium out over Lake Michigan and back. That was 50 years ago. That was back in the days of slide rules and simple calculators the size of phone booths. I'm surprised that it has taken so long for personal flight to progress this far.
I'd want to add a lightweight, ballistically deployed parachute, similar to what is used on many ultralights. Something mechanically triggered by, say, a lanyard which is out of the way but which can be reached with either hand. If something goes wrong hit the kill switch (if necessary) and yank. You'll have a fast and hard but survivable landing.
Yeah, it'd cut down on max payload and flight duration, but with improved turbines those could be compensated for, and the added safety would make certification much easier.
Captain Danger
"A properly functioning, safe, portable jetpack will have all sorts of practical applications and commercial use cases. But more importantly, they’ll just be massively cool"
Exactly! The just need to get them out before the governments ruin them with new legislation.
Could be fun with a tethered fuel supply, a bit like those water jet things that are tethered to jet skis. Only you wouldn't need to be in the water!
Being ecologically minded,it bothers me this thing guzzles fuel like crazy,like any flying machine that depends on thrust to stay aloft-maybe use bio-kerosene? Another thing is noise.No doubt people in the next county would hear you approaching.