We've covered a number of iPhone portable chargers in the past, ranging from the well-known Mophie Juice Pack to the environmentally friendly iCharge Dx. There are countless solutions that will ensure that your green battery indicator icon stays fully green, the difference with this iPhone charger is that it's been designed to resemble that very same indicator graphic. Appropriately, it's called the Icon.

Using a mini-USB cable, you can charge the Icon power pack from your home computer to give you a battery back-up to take on the road. As it charges you'll see the green indicator lights gradually light up until it reaches four full bars. For the iPhone 3G/3GS or iPhone 4, the Icon will provide an additional 3 hours of talk time or 5.5 hours of net surfing.

Perhaps not the smallest available charger solution at 2.95 x 1.81 x 0.63 inches, the Icon is certainly among the most stylish. It comes in a slick microfiber sleeve that will keep it nice and clean while it kicks around in your bag. The device is composed of a lithium-ion polymer and is pretty lightweight as far as charges go, weighing in at only 43 grams.

This 'iconic' charger works not only for iPhones, but for iPods as well. Unfortunately it doesn't have enough amperage to handle an iPad.

Most readers can pick up the Icon at IPEVO's web store for about US$54. If you're in Japan, AbilityCreate Co. Ltd is selling the charger on Rakuten for 4980 yen (about $60).

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