When will it end: "Oh it's electric? Better make it as stupidly gaudy as possible"
Mel Tisdale
The pantomime season would seem to have started early this year.
With the details being scant it is difficult to tell how it is actually steered, with two options being possible. One would require Ironman wrists and the other many weeks of practice to get over the inherent counter intuitiveness.
Perhaps some fairy will descend and turn it back into a pumpkin, and not a minute too soon.
It's a slick motorized electric wheelchair for wealthy handicapped people who want to go fast.
Hard to tell what part of the tires is in contact with the ground. And that shark fin at the back is very practical :)
I think that is way cool. I agree that is TRON like and it is one of the reasons I like it. It is also cool since one is not bent over all the time but have a choice of positions.
It looks several thousand miles better in 'Sport Mode' configuration than in 'Comfort Mode' - presumably the latter is designed ever so slightly more for PHYSICAL comfort rather than the mental comfort of not having everyone laugh at/pity you...
Ron Olson
It still looks stupid with a high CG. Why not go with something more low-slung like a recumbent bicycle?
That green fin on the back looks really dangerous. If you slid off the back of the saddle.... ooohh... I don't even want to think about it!
Why wont the just release affordable, long range designs to market as this, was supposed to be the reason for electric vehicles to make transport cheaper/better than oil. STOP Pandering to oil corps and get us great electric commuters that WILL make our city life better/cleaner.
I kinda sorta looks cool in a TRON like way but it will never fly. Got to agree with Mel on the steering, a non-starter. The rear fin, someone had to do it... Then there's the Ni Metal Hydride battery? Ever have a NiH battery powered drill? How many charge cycles did it last? Not to mention they are HEAVY!
But hey, I like the idea of pushing the boundaries and thinking out of the box, I give Kawasaki an "E" for effort.
It looks pretty awesome in motorcycle mode, but "senior citizen wheelchair" mode leaves something to be desired.