Kim Holder
neat, but not fast. if they could tweak this design to make typing faster, i\'d be interested. you need to be able to do more motions with each finger, i think that would help.
OK, who is this really targetted at? Not iphone users sorry. This is just too slow to operate, too slow to learn, you\'ll get RSI at about 10 x the speed.
the only potential users of this I can see are people who have no arm mobility and limited finger mobility in only one hand, and who can\'t speak.
No mention of Doug Engelbart (inventor of the mouse)& the chorded keyboard he pushed? Doug was pushing this 20-30 years ago. There is actually a time saving with this device - I guess you could relate it to how a court stenographer can type quicker with a vaguely similar setup.
Reminds me of the \"Writehander\" - a one-handed half sphere keyboard from the late 70s or early 80s. Never had one, but I think it was a 5-key input device.
MockingBird TheWizard
I imagine a thumb-joystick with swype type kb would be smaller and have better results. this is slower than I can type on either the screen of my phone or the physical keyboard for it. I can also see there being a problem if you are only an occasional user, trying to remember all the combinations for all the characters. quick, what\'s the dollar sign again? greater than/less than sign? slash? infrequently used letters? or are they expecting people to constantly reference a card? I wonder how useful this is for even disabled users, for the same reasons of infrequently used characters being hard to remember. thumb joystick with swype would def be a better path.
Those who once used the superb Microwriter Agenda keyboard will wonder what improvement has been achieved over the years. The beauty of it is kept alive and toady is available as the CYKEY (pronounced psyche!): see and I recommend anybody seeking a onehanded keyboard usable for touch typing to consider this if it can be matched to their equipment. I used to use my Agenda for taking notes at conferences and found it excellent.
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there is already a \"one key\" system, called the iambic paddle, upon which people are doing 150 wpm. it runs morse code. The nice thing with that and this is the ability to type in your pocket, without ever looking.

I believe that its worth the effort. I also think there should be a code input so you could do simple \"command line\" entry, like \"open video,\" \"call this number...\" etc, so we don\'t have to look first then go to the type pad, whichever system.
Will, the tink
Or, let\'s just go with one key and use Morse code! ...--..---.--...
Google up \"microwriter\", a 6 key word processing device sold in Britain in the early 1980\'s. All 128 ASCII characters could be entered with chording combinations and the memory device for learning was very clever and intuitive. I\'ve always thought you could use the same system with a series of \"keys\" arranged around the perimeter of a smartphone or a smartphone add-on case.
Apparently a version of this keyboard is sold by \"CyKey\" for use with a PC. their website shows how it works and how easy it is to learn the system.
Михаил Финогенов
Also it would be nice if the device name would be KEEFO :)