this is all fine and well but, has anyone tested the effectiveness of the unit against explosions coming from the inside? i\'ve had meals that could test the very structure of Kevlar. perhaps they could refer to the test as Fast Acting Release of Toxicity aka FART
Adrian Calderon
Hahah nice, that was the thing that kept me from joining the army, now even if i get an injury from my arm or leg doesn\'t matter cuz ill still be able to have sex (: j/k i would never join the army, we already live a war against drugs in my country.
So much for my investments in manufacturing stainless steel jock cups.
Given that most IEDs are targeted towards vehicles and not walking infantry, it seems more prudent to line the floors of vehicles -- and/or even just the seats -- with a sandwich of Kevlar and shaped ballistic armor. There already exists commercially available Kevlar floor and seat kits that would do the job. I just Googled it and came across ballisticsupplies-dot-com as an example. Another solution might be a Kevlar \"kilt\" that is worn on the outside rather than under the clothing. This would give more coverage and greater freedom of movement. It would be a lot less sticky and uncomfortable than a Kevlar \"cup\".
George Karalias
Jeez... finally!
Also protects against aggressive arse chewings from superior officers.
Gabriel Grove
bullet proof crotch! why haven\'t they thought of this first?
Michael Lewis
My understanding of kevlar is somewhat limited, but I believe it\'s purpose is mostly against cutting types of action and does not perform very well at dispersing energy. In other words, you may get to keep your jewels - but they\'ll be crushed into dust. So while it\'s well intended, I\'m not sure it\'ll actually reduce the injuries that it\'s intended for.
re; Warhead Your armor kilt provides no protection from the mine you step on.
The best protection is to stay away from war!