This is one car they should definitely put into production. It looks - IMO - really nice. I think it would be very popular if it is made.
Lewis M. Dickens III
If David was at the show last night he saw the Designers selections for Best of show Production and Concept.
Ford Mustang and Volvo's CX (effectively a shooting break).
The Designers do not necessarily go along with the Autowriters.
I'd bank with the Designers.
This Kia was one of the finalists.
Dieter Heinrich
not even a stereo. I like it. Looks like copy of 1994 Mazda MX3.
I like it- I like it a lot.
Kia are perhaps where Datsun (Nissan) and Toyota were in the '70s, when they launched the very successful 240Z and Celica respectively.
Neither were known for sporty cars, more for economy cars, and those 'halo' models helped establish them as mainstream manufacturers. Previously, small sportscars were left to us British, with our ageing and not wonderfully reliable (although highly characterful) MGBs, Midgets and TR series (sadly Triumph were about to show how not to do a small sportscar- with the woefully badly built TR7, that only came good with the TR8 convertible- not even sold in it's home market!).
I really hope they launch this car almost as-is (but c'mon guys, this ain't a Caterham, so a radio, air con and electric windows shouldn't be out of the question) -and on both sides of the pond.
tampa florida
ok, how much??$$$$
Jon A.
Would those headlights be street-legal? I thought they had to be a certain minimum height off the road.
Now! If they can keep this thing under $45k, they will have an undisputed winner!
Nick 1801
If they can get the handling right, this could be a real winner--but not at $45k. You can buy a Toyota T86 for a third less than that.
Stephen N Russell
KIa, mass produce this, awesome, Id drive this as rental alone.
Great looking car. Not manufacturing it is a mistake. But what do you expect? They put plenty of cars on the road that they shouldn't. Note that I didn't say that they should produce the car as is. Definately need a stero. And I love the exterior except for the dual colors in rear. Never cared for the bumblebee look. Go with solid colors.