this new Kia has a definite resemblance to the Juke concept
Theron Sealey
I just love that color scheme. This is one pocket rocket I will buy...
Alan Belardinelli
It reminds me a bit of the R5 Turbo 2s back in the day.
Bill Bennett
Mini killer
Most beautiful car I have seen in a long time. Not only does this car look great it has the potential to be a cult hop up sensation. This version and a small back seat version for practical use would be a killer 1-2 punch in the market place. I don\'t usually add comments but this car is one I would buy. Kia keep up the good work!
Guy Macher
That C-pillar needs to go to Jenny Craig. Either that or the addition of a camera to spot F-150s boring down on you when backing out of the driveway.
A Mini kicker!
Mark Keller
Honda had a very similar looking bulldog concept some years ago, but did nothing with it.
You got to hand it to these two brother/sister Korean auto companies. They were always a generation behind. Now they\'re kicking the Japanese auto companies butts. Hopefully some of this little beauty will trickle down to the real thing.
Nick Herbert
Be very wary of buying any Kia - their Customer Support (in the UK at least), is utterly non-existent. Proof...? I bought a 2-year old Kia and it went very well for a while - until odd noises started emanating from the engine bay. Eventually, this was identified as a fractured Crankshaft - by non-Kia mechanics - but Kia UK refused to accept any responsibility for the failure. The outcome? That Kia had to be written off, as the cost of a replacement engine or having the crankshaft replaced far outweighed the value of the car. Kia Customer Service...? It doesn\'t exist. Kia reliability? Similarly suspect. Would I buy any Kia again? What do you think...!