A drone mounted chainsaw is not that useful. But if you mounted a pair of arms with grippers on a drone, and allowed the control to be provided by a virtual reality head set, plus gloved sleeves to control the arms and grippers, then you would have a really useful device. It would be like being able to fly.
The technology to do this is available now, and I predict it wont be long before somebody puts it all together.
It could be good for pruning high fruit trees, or put a hedge trimmer instead, and trim high hedges.
What if it was a drone driven assault attack with one using a gun or some other weapon on someone with a restriction order? There can be no restriction on a criminal who wants to do harm to someone unless they are placed in the same use as a possible weapon.
Did someone get a sneak peek at the next James Bond movie script. If you want to create a scary drone mount a point-able green laser on one and fly around a major airport. If caught you'll be doing some Bernie Madoff time behind bars.
Balloons are the anti-drone. Who knew?
If you think that drones are threatening, you have a real problem.
Okay, so when the chainsaw was trimming the tree, and cutting down the icycles from the eaves, just how did the chain saw change from verticle to horizontal? The drone can't flip on its side, obviously, and I saw no mechanism which would allow the chain saw to flip to the horizontal. A little photographic trickery, perhaps? I do not believe that this drone-mounted chainsaw could do either of these things. Also, how are they controlling the speed of the chain saw? I saw no mechanism whereby they could pull the trigger to increase the speed past idle. You don't need to do that, of course, when plowing through a snowman. You don't really even need a chain saw to do that...just something solid.
Bob Flint
Going to store to stock up on ballons....
Jim Lawrence
Yet another hilarious development proving there are more magnificent dumba$$ men out there than can be accounted for, or reckoned with. Thank the Maker for pink balloons.
Marius Gruita
How long till they put a mini-gun on a drone?