Will, your article is a pleasure to read, not because I like Kindle or hate iPad, it's the light-hearted/sceptical/informative presentation.
Goodonya Kindle...the bar is raised!
Colin Fox
No mention of apps though. Is there an App Store that can be used? I'm an apple guy so could use a bit of guidance here.
yeah i was wondering about apps to, does thing lack apps like a blackberry tablet does?
I can google it but, just saying i think it should be mentioned in the article as thats a really important consideration for a less known/newer tablet like this, that said enjoyed the article!
Gary in VA
I have the 7" version of the Kindle Fire HD. There is an app store through Amazon. But you can "sideload" apps from the Android app store and run them on the Fire.
Very interested in this larger version of the Fire. Great review!
Glossy and covered with reflections. Meh. I might get interested if they offer a low reflection face. They seemed to understand about that with the real Kindle's so why go back?
Very nice article.
Russell Day
I am lucky to have anything that I have. The Fire I have was a wonderful gift. It is best for reading books, and browsing youtube. The prime membership with videos will be great next time I am in the hospital. it doesn't otherwise for email, or Facebook, or stuff apps offered operate very easily.
Atul Malhotra
My problem is Linux/ Android. It's just hoplessly useless
Amazon bring out a Kindle Win 8 version !
Remember the saying "No one was ever fired for buying IBM"?
New saying: "No one has ever been ridiculed as much as those that step into an executive board meeting with a plasticky iPad look-alike". It screams "No style. No class. No taste beyond price". Do you really want to sit neXt to that guy?
You can use this shorthand: NsNcNtNb.
OK, yes, I added the "No balls" just to be provocative. ;)
Gail Henke
I have the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and I absolutely love it. It does have many apps and I believe you can buy an anti-glare screen protector cor it. I had no problems using or finding apps for my Kindle Fire.
My 85 year old aunt sent me her first email using the kindle. She had a lot of typos, but it worked. I sent her one back and now am waiting to see how long it takes her to send me something back. I think it is great when older people try to keep up with technology. It also is supposed to help prevent alzheimers when you learn something new.