Edgar Castelo
Oh, Yeah!
Given that I have hairy fingers, this looks more painful than stylish. Maybe you \"shavers\" would like it but not us real Cave men. \"Manliest jewelry\" don\'t make me laugh. Go back to your wussy pretend electric man cave. Now, a hand made tiger fang necklace and a lion mane hat, now we\'re talkin manliest.
This is for financiers, not grease monkies, surely - who else deal with gearing day in and day out?
John Weiss
What a silly object! Remember: crap on a stick is not a Fudgesicle.
Joe Sobotka
Looks cool! But $165 for stainless steel? They\'re \"steeling\" the customers money.
Obviously this ring cannot be resized for smaller or larger fingers. That would screw up the whole gear system. I assume they will make them in every size.... hmmm... I like the idea and I admire the precision in the craftsmanship so why not fashion it in sterling silver? It\'s already over-priced so what the heck. I would love if it could sprout limbs and a dopey head and embark on a tiny quest to take over the rest of my jewellery. TRANSFORMERS!!!
We tested it read our review here! Love it! http://motoress.com/readarticle.asp?articleid=511&c=gearstyle
Charles Bosse
I doubt silver, or most soft metals, would hold up to the wear and tear this ring is likely to encourage. It should come in tungsten, titanium and niobium though.
Facebook User
Incorporate a small generator and battery charging capability and we might have something practical.
\"shipped free to anywhere\" I should hope so after paying that much for about 5 grams of metal? the day one falls out of my cracker I\'ll start wearing it...