Wiping mosquitoes out entirely is by far the best option.
I wish they shipped to Canada!
Bruce Mawby
the extermination of a species even a pest is a very risky idea what the long term repercussions could be are unknown being from Australia we know what adding a "harmless" animal or plant can do removal could be just as bad cute fluffy Rabbits ( mass destruction of native habitats) cane toad ( mass destruction of native habitats) are just 2
MBadgero, I think this is not an option. "Before the idea of eradicating mosquitoes for the benefit of one (humans) is seriously considered, it must be proven that eradication WILL NOT affect our complex ecosystems. We shouldn't forget the precautionary principle." Please read all the article (including comments):
Ride Like Mike
Please help me. I'd love to use this product especially for my wife who seems extra tasty to mossies. I see arms in boxes with mosquitoes and I assume that the test subjects head is not in the box so there is no extra Co2 in either case, so how is Kite blocking the mosquitoes from finding the patch of exposed skin?
halofirst, did you read your own reference? Specifically, "Yet in many cases, scientists acknowledge that the ecological scar left by a missing mosquito would heal quickly as the niche was filled by other organisms. Life would continue as before — or even better. " Of course there are people that argue that they shouldn't be exterminated. They also argue that the human population is too large, but they don't volunteer themselves for reduction. Bruce Mawby, adding a foreign species can have a disastrous effect on the environment. The examples here in the USA are numerous: kudzu, Russian and autumn olive, pythons, zebra mussels. Removing one has little effect if the species is a parasite; case in point, the North American screw fly. This also should dispel the notion that mosquitoes can't be exterminated, since the screw fly was exterminated in the 1950s. This was before genetic engineering made it relatively easy, as in the Gizmag article that is referenced here. Although it could be argued that mosquitoes help control the human population, as they are one of the greatest killers of people by carrying disease.
myearwood Dismiss concerns about what might happen. Humanity already has things which are more environmentally damaging that wiping out the mosquito. Humanity has caused the extinction of hundreds if not thousands of species. From this: "roughly 50 million still survive into the modern era. While these numbers are certainly extreme at first glance, it serves as proof that extinction, while a sad occurrence, is a part of life for all living things." The extinction of one ridiculous parasite looks insignificant by comparison.
Patrick McGean
Adding organic sulfur to your diet makes your blood smell to alkanine, and they go elsewhere looking for acid blood. True for horses as well as man. The patch sounds wonderful but in the mean time hungry blood suckers can be discouraged by changing your ph. is the Cellular Matrix Study
I will rejoice if and when the last mosquito is exterminated! I know first had the effects of malaria. What's more the d**n bites are really annoying! The barn swallows would just have to find something else to eat.
brilliant Indiegogo campaign. One of the best I have seen. Once this proves itself, wonder if it could be used to hide the global warming effects of CO2 to the planet?