Tom Lee Mullins
I think that is really neat. I still think I have a 8MM projector.
Steve Smith
Why? Just, why?
What is the point of having film?????
Brian M
Had to check the date in case it was April 1st!
A very curious idea. But it's so heavily overpriced, it'll be instantly DOA. Even The cited cart cost is double the normal retail, a very hefty surcharge for i would guess an automated telecine service. And the design doesn't remotely look it's price. It's more on par with Lomography's products or even something DIY. Adding an audio stripe would seem a more reasonable way to go instead of integrating an mp3 recorder and would possibly slightly justify the cart price. It would also make it much more complete for archival purposes.
Mr. Hensley Garlington
I don't understand why?! I don't see how this provides anything but nostalgia. Which can also be achieved with effects filters and and such.
$50 to $75 for a three minute film cartridge is ridiculous. You can buy a cheap video camera for that. With most mobile phones you can make a better quality movie. As someone above said, "Why?"
It is a novel, overpriced concept for self aggrandizing elitist. There are so many ways to achieve an 8mm look with digital - Heck , There's an app for, really. Several in fact. This is the one I use and it is wonderful... I can get a super 8 look in 4k .
In few cases, like reenactments for the purist or shows like American Horror Story that use mixed media for various effects I think this camera might find a weird surge in the beginning but I am not paying 60. for three and a half minutes of film when I can buy a huge capacity SD or CF card that will record and re-record countless hours of high rez media with wide DR that I can post process CHEAP to look almost exactly the same.
I still own a canon Super 8 camera (1014 XLS) and I can pick up a roll of super 8 at B&H for 20.-30. If I must ...
I will watch this with great curiosity
Captain Obvious
You can get them at garage sales for two bucks.