Assuming an average speed of 15mph that is 3.33333 hours of operation per charge.
Jorgen Sondermark/Realdania Byg
Totally retro - it looks just like the beloved VW Bus T1...
Why not a more modern approach to the design? I think the world has got its retro-Beetle(s), i retro- Mini's and retro-Fiat500's - no need for retro-VWBusses; time to think forward.
Mel Tisdale
We used to have a similar electric vehicle that delivered the milk to the doorstep each morning (born before the age of the fridge).
If I were a warehouse manager, or in some such similar position, I would be calling for there to be an easily replaced battery pack so that I could achieve at least double the hours Sloburn has calculated by having a spare battery pack. Indeed, they could be in use 24/7, if the recharge time could be halved. Failing that, there would be the need for two spare packs But there again, spare battery packs are currently not cheap and even one would put a premium on the overall cost. As for other applications, it would depend on the ratio of down time while the driver is working, such as doing maintenance, to 'on the road' time.
What's an MPGe?
Good luck with that, but I feel they have some serious catching up to do. As was said below, we had milk floats that could better that back in the 'fifties, albeit they were struggling by the time they got back to the depot.
Noel K Frothingham
MPGe = miles per gallon equivalent.
I seen one of these at the golf course.............20 yrs ago
Keith Lamb
I see they don't mention price yet.
A range of 50 miles/ charge makes this large PU truck impractical for use in rural areas. Even for urban use, recharge may be necessary to complete more than one job.
Matthew Lee
It said it has 240 mpg on the freeway except that if it only goes 31 mph, there is no way it could go on the freeway it wouldn't be legal, it would be better if it was a hybrid, I wouldn't buy it! I have an electric mopeds that has just about the same specs