Derek Howe
Too many moving parts for me. It seems it would have a lot of issues, and cost a fortune to keep maintained.
I think the best looking and most practical "flying car" is the Terrafugia TF-X. Which is roughly a decade away...which I believe this flying car is going to take at least as much time, if not more.
Tom Lee Mullins
I think that is really cool. It seems like something Q would make for James Bond.
So they've built a model RC quadcopter with some pusher propellers... any evidence that this will actually scale up to a full sized vehicle? I'm sensing that a lot of things are being glossed over here.
Michael Crumpton
WHEEE, It looks like someone got some 3d modeling software for their birthday.
David Rochlin
Think about all the weight of the generator, electric motors, batteries, liquid fuel, heavy wheels, having to meet any kind of vehicular safety standards. Consider the inefficiency of the generator converting the fuel to electricity. I don't buy it. The useful load/payload will be too small if it can be built. Less ambitious projects of this nature never panned out.
Esi 1976
Statistics are defining a dream vehicle, the only realistic approach is that it's a hybrid one, not all electric! It's a good 3d work! But the designation has some dark sides like the material of those tiny and slim levers that folds in and out of the body, holding the rotors that carry all the weights and how are the mechanisms? Plus the idea of energy traveling through an ICE to a generator to batteries to electric motors is not reliable.
Quad copterHQ
I have a feeling that this is going to be terrible at each of the individual functions....
Vince Pack
I'm usually not a vocal skeptic of these "flying multi contraption" things, but all I see here is a safe last ditch shelter from an impending zombie horde. Get in, fire up the blades, and watch the carnage. The specs are far too ambitious (that ice? that sort of power will carry a big weight and space penalty). Those rotor arms? Has someone discovered alien materials technology? All those folding parts? Um, I'm as big a flying fan as anyone, but all those interconnected electrical and (presumably) hydraulic moving bits are simply too complicated to keep operating safely (as in safe enough for flight) to be even remotely practical.
This looks like a fun design excercise if no practicality or safety issues are considered. But hey, prove me wrong and I'll consider a second mortgage!
YASR yet another student rendering. tell my when you are on kickstarter.
Jason JH S
Cool. This could work, I think. Airplanes have been successfully retracting landing gears since 50 years, or even longer and have all sorts of other moving parts in their wings and tails. Sikorsky just introduced the Raider helicopter, also with a pusher propeller at the back, but it is all gas based. Lots of moving parts in a helicopter to control the blades, I am guessing this one on the other hand is all fixed pitch, which is simpler. Hope to see one fly soon...