Bob Ehresman
I really dont know how I would feel about being that close to so much battery acid.
But hey what a crumple zone.... (The acid type...)
32 kWh Lithium battery: This size batterypack is larger than what is used in most factory EV's, with the associated cost.....
Electric power is a great Idea, but..... charging inefficiencies, weight, battery initial and replacement cost ($155 for each battery x 96 = $14 k)
Remembering that for such a small vehicle 14 grand would keep you in fuel for quite a few years (probably longer than the Lithium packs will last). (Hoping that at least 5L/100km is possible, that will get you around 200 000 km)
Still Electric performance is hard to beat, with a decent torquey motor, and adequate gearing....
We all want the holy grail: equivalent energy density, cheap quick recharge and low cost.... (Petrol equivalent energy density with electric power-train efficiency.
Dream on...
The idea is relatively sound. What I would do is to make it a true hybrid. A diesel electric might be able to push that well past 100mpg, if used properly. You use the motor to charge the batteries and to run at speed past a certain point. How much hp can this really take to keep at 65mph?
The battery pack is on the wrong side of the front axle.
Charles Hoss
why work with that ugly plastic shell ? put it in a zhenhua trike roadster chassis and make it hybrid .
I agree with Slowburn, the centre of gravity is much too far forward. But, that said, I hope this can be made to work. I'm sure something like this is the way forward. What would really focus peoples attention would be if fuel taxes were increased, more in line with the rest of the developed world.
@Slowburn, the battery pack seems to extend all the way from the front under the seats and wraps up behind the seats. Extending the frame to be ahead of the front third of the batteries would increase weight and having to support the weight of all the batteries over the longer span would likely require a heaver gauge steel increasing the weight even more.
anything that gets us closer to no petrol, i like...
I like the idea of honeycomb construction but the way he wants to go about it will not provide adequate strength. This should be done with a mold, honeycomb cut and shaped to fit and prepreg composite materials under vacuume w/solid hard points where nessesary. stronger, lighter and with a much higher sructural integrity than bonded honeycomb pannels. Good luck to you!
Guys...the point of Open Source is modifications that are subsequently shared.
Want a hybrid? Get off the recliner, go build it, then share it.
But it's easier to say "would be nice if he woulda x"