I think that is ingenius. I wish I had that when I visit New York City. It would make getting around a whole lot easier.
Freyr Gunnar
I'm curious to know how it fares, because I returned the A-bike after giving it a short ride: It was just too unstable with wheels the same size as the Kwiggle Bike.
It is even dangerous to bike around with such small wheels: all it takes is one very small pothole ...and you go flying. It is rough ride, shaky, unstable...
I do not think it would be practical even for N.Y.
(The potholes there ...I know since I had to lug luggage around after 9/11)
...the wheels are the limiting factors to practicality of a folding bike. I had a 16" and gave up on it. Then I hat two 20" ....and it was still just too shaky and rough. Only Montague paratroopers folding bike with 26" wheels finally made me happy.
Sam Sams
Progress, but what I'm really after is a two-second self-inflating bicycle that has full-size wheels, weighs 500g, and fits in my breast pocket. Alternatively a folding bike that's as clever as a few folding fans and goes in a small pocket. But the ideal solution would be a token I can keep in my wallet that swaps itself out for a bike held in store via teleport whenever needed.
Bash Prompt
It looks absolutely ridiculous. Only a tockley would be caught dead on that thing.
I agree that the tiny wheels would be unstable. My Yikebike with a tiny back wheel never feels stable. How about a video of someone actually riding the Kwiggle?
I agree with Bash Prompt: ridiculous ! Never mind what who might ride it... without any triangulation in the frame, "the 'wiggle' in Kwiggle" will make it unrideable !
This will NOT fit as a carry-on on most airlines.
Check your airline's website.
You will probably be VERRRRY disappointed.
I am sick of so many folding bike manufacturers lying & telling that it will fit as a carry-on.
The only size that you should count on is 9x14x22 (inches) & some small planes won't even allow that.
Glen Aldridge
Brompton's can be carried on flights. I was amazed to see this 6 foot tall passenger ride up to the terminal, get off his Brompton, proceed to fold it all up, tuck it under his arm & check in for his flight. Walked right through security with it.
The guy that rode up on the Brompton and folded it up and walked through security with it probably had the confidence to make it look like it was the totally natural thing for him to be doing.....most of the time if you go up to the security area showing your intimidation you will get harassed every time,If you walk around scared the cops will pick up on your vibes[we can smell your fear]and will use it to intimidate you.......although I have never flown on a commercial airlines,I fly my own airplane......and so I don't go through security........LOL