Bill Bennett
looks impressive, please do not let there be a "street" version, we already have enough MORONS driving oversized vehicles
I hope they sell them on the civilian market, just to annoy the suicidal idiots in the smugmobiles.
Yes, make a civilian version!!!! I love running over jealous idiots in their little hatchbacks.
The vehicle was developed with pallsan (kiutz sassa israel)
Daryl Sonnier
Yes, build a civilian version to run right over the self-righteous, smug MORONS that drive their Priuses.
Why can\'t those that leave comments just stick with the article subject without adding idiotic political thoughts and name calling? The intelligence and maturity of comment differences between American and those in England and Europe is astounding.
Albert Feyen
Looks good, I can\'t wait to trade in my Hummer for an Oshkosh, by gosh! If only to piss off the self-righteous hybrid owners. After all, it is a hybrid. I hope it will come with a big towing package.
Jim Sadler
Keeping occupants reasonably safe when the improvised explosive charges are in play sounds really challenging. How does one even guess at the strength of an improvised device? Worse yet would it only be a matter of an enemy using a bit more of a charge if these vehicles become common in conflict areas? Using robotics instead of human occupied vehicles seems like a better idea to me.
I just wonder if it could be any fuglier.
Its looks is its own weapon.
Jeff Kunkler
to chidrbmt, not all Americans think along these lines (I realize that this is not what you said)... please realize that it\'s kind of a self selecting group that responds; meaning the most likely to post here are those who are interested in military vehicles. I would believe that there will be a vocal minority of this set who hold less than socially responsible or respectful positions. I believe that most military personnel would take the position that they would be willing to fight for our rights as Americans to drive low carbon footprint vehicles, regardless of personal views.
I do agree a few people can be \"smug\" about being environmentally aware, but to respond that we should run them over points out the lack of social respect. Clearly we have a ways to go to voicing opinions in more mature manner.
Regarding the vehicle; I\'d love to know how they got 20\" of wheel travel, that is a tremendous technical achievement, and should let the passengers get to where they are needed with less fatigue. And as a Wisconsinite, I am proud that Oshkosh Truck is being considered to be a supplier to the military.